Dave Laliberte

Dave Laliberte – Northern Embassy x Riffs

“I filmed this little piece with Dave throughout the summer during a few weekend trips around British Columbia. Dave is an absolute animal when it comes to going full speed at anything. Neither dirt, street or park is safe when the metal starts rollin’.” Filmed/Edited by: Chase Davidson Song: How The God’s Kill by Danzig


“Riffs is a new T-shirt brand with a BMX team based out of Vancouver. The graphic design is that of death metal bands, lots of gore and horror but with some tounge-in-cheek humor. All Riffs upcoming videos are going to feature music from independent Canadian metal bands. I chose the name riffs because in writing, …

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Chase Davidson – West Coast Cassette 2014

http://vimeo.com/106671296 Chase just sent through this mix from his west coast travels. Great mix of the skateparks and streets of Alberta and BC, Chase met up with some homies and once again got down on his bike. Featuring: Cody Sisler, Rylee Rickett, Dave Laliberte, Levi Eshleman, Matt Desson, and Chase himself.

Dave Butler – 1080p

http://youtu.be/ZLeZX1IxXQM Dave has been cruising around the Vancouver, riding with the homies, and stacking clips with his phone. It appears Dave has traded in his potato, for a phone that films some crispy HD! Featuring: Dave himself, Andy McGrath, Jordan Hango, Cory Walsh, James Van De Kamp, Shelby Hare, Jordan Fair, Amos Franke, Chris Smith, …

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Kyle Hirschkorn Gallery

Kyle Hirschkorn has been shooting photos and video in Vancouver under the “Life’s Hard” moniker over the past couple of years. Kyle has a knack for capturing awesome stuff, whether his subjects know it or not. Kyle was cool enough to share some insight on a few of his recent photos, including the above shot …

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