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01 Mar Canadian BMX Company History: Harrison Forward & Citadel (2015 to 2018)

Harrison at the Prime Minister Of The Streets Jam. Photo – Landon Barnes

Citadel was an east coast brand that came to my attention around the time we were busy with Crimson, so naturally I paid attention. They had a loyal following, and even hooked a NYC street legend up at one point. Harrison and I never got a chance to connect back then, but I was very curious to learn about his brand. Without further ado, here’s Harrison Forward and his Citadel interview as part of our ongoing series on the history of Canadian BMX companies.

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17 Dec Citadel. BMX

I’m insanely stoked to present to you a project that Harrison Forward and Trent Connors has been working on for a while now. With stems and pegs being tested right now, and bigger runs going into production in the near future, Citadel is going to be a parts brand bumping straight outta the maritimes of Canada. Harrison and Trent have been grinding away every day working with experts to really get something awesome going, and it seems like things will be fully rolling out sometime early 2016.

For now, Harrison just dropped this awesome mixtape to tide you guys over… two and a half minutes of raw street out of Halifax N.S.

Hit that play, and stay informed by following @citadel.bmx, you won’t regret it.

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