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20 Mar 5 Clips With Chris Silva

We spent the afternoon at Joyride 150 the other day and Chris Silva banged out this quick 5 clip edit in their street plaza. Guest clips from Leland Nightingale and myself (Prashant Gopal).

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11 Feb Too Young To Get Old

I am by no means a talented filmer or editor, but I do pull out my point and shoot camera (or in most cases my phone) from time to time to record. I collected a bunch of random stuff I had filmed between January 2012 and January 2013 and put together this short video.

In the last year I visited both ends of the country to stay with friends and made plenty of new ones, as well as had numerous friends come and stay with me in Toronto. At times I may jokingly call myself an old man and complain about my aches and pains, but when I look at my life and the people I surround myself with I cannot help but feel young and invigorated. This video is full of those people and places, as well as a few cute animals.

In order of appearance:
Patrick Krzyzanowski
Chris Silva
Jeff Bedard
Leland Nightingale
Rich Redmond
Phil Bartlett
Chris Langoid
Prashant Gopal
Greg Flag
Craig Robinson
Buck 65
Dillon Lloyd
Trent Barker’s fist

Old Canes – Black Hill Chapel

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09 Jan Farewell to the Fever

Screen shot 2013-01-09 at 10.53.04 PM

Today is a sad day in Canadian BMX, legendary Canadian rider Chris Silva has decided to put an end to 3 years of Sour Fever. Chris accomplished alot with Sour Fever. It’s quite amazing for a small Canadian clothing company to put out countless web edits, print over 700 pieces of clothing, hook up a stacked team of Canadian shredders, sponsor Canadian events/contests (including our Summer of Fun contest) and even put out full length DVD. It’s safe to say Chris did things right and gave back as much as he could to Canadian BMX. For all the info and for Chris’ top 10 Sour Fever blog posts click here.

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16 Oct Chris Silva 5 Clip Edit

No matter what the season is, Chris Silva is always lurking around every corner in every neighbourhood in Toronto, searching for the unfound to ride. He hooked us up with this five clip edit of himself and he does just that. Enjoy. Filmed by Peter Dai, edited by Chris Silva.

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28 Jul Random Photo: Chris Silva

To continue with a theme this week of black and white photos, here is a quick shot of Chris Silva I took this spring at a tight and fast DIY mini ramp. This photo is part of an 8.5″ X 11″ ‘poster’ that comes with a re-print of a zine I made two years ago called Locals Only, as part of my ongoing Yo Sick project. If you’re interested in the zine, you can find more info on the second edition of Locals Only here.

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16 Feb David Hawthorne Photo: Chris Silva

Another dope photo from David Hawthorne and more crazy shit from Chris Silva.

“Here’s a photo of Chris Silva: over grind on the ferry terminal bank in Kingston, ON. If Chris fell over he would have been fucked proper. He would have been in the drink with no way to get out. ”
– David Hawthorne

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07 Feb Chris Silva Macneil Edit

This got posted up yesterday in a few places but Chris Silva is the man and this edit needs more love. Watch this if you haven’t already and even if you have, watch it again. Silva ain’t no slack ass.

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28 Jan The Sour Fever DVD

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, bmx dvds, and even more so Canadian bmx dvds, need the support from as many riders as possible. With web edits at an all time high, there’s less and less dvds being released and footage is forgotten days after it’s online release. Sour Fever did things right and put in work all summer to make this dvd happen and it was well worth the wait. Read on for a short recap of this dvd and make sure you grab a copy here for only $7!

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