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10 Jun ICC ‘Five to Ten’ Video Premiere – Chris Silva Interview

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This coming Saturday, June 14th at Dufferin Grove Park in Toronto, Chris Silva will be premiering the 5th in the series of Inner City Circle videos. Come out when the lights in the park go off around 11:00 and Chris will have his pirate premiere set up and airing his video in the open for everyone. Copies will be available, along with limited ICC merchandise. This is a public park, so please no bozo behaviour if you want events and places like this to continue to happen.

With a new video coming out, and an ICC archive website launched, I thought I’d ask Chris a little bit about this project, ICC history, and more. Read what he had to say below, and we’ll see you at the park on Saturday.

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14 Apr MacNeil – Any Means Necessary

Posting this ‘exclusive’ trailer on here anyway because it features some of the Canada’s finest and it was put together by the man himself, Zach Rampen. Get stoked by any means, you won’t be disappointed! Featuring Dillon Lloyd, Greg Flag, Sam Lowe, Chijioke Okafo, Chris Silva, Adam Piatek, Jack Leonard, John Manaras, Jaumell Campbell, George Bolter, Amos Franke, Nathan Hines, Justin Hughes and more.

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10 Mar Chris Silva – Solo in Joyride

Chris Silva spent a quiet afternoon at Joyride 150 recently and pieced together this interesting solo edit. It’s not often that this park is visibly this quiet, so he went to work with some pegless rail moves, wallrides, and some new whip maneuvers for himself. Can you feel it?

Filmed & Edited by Peter Almeida
Song: The Fat Boys – Can You Feel It

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10 Feb Chris Silva Freecoastin’

In the ever evolving sequence of Chris Silva edits, this new one on a freecoaster may have caught some people off guard. Chris has been testing a prototype MacNeil freecoaster for the last few months, and before the snow made us all shut-ins across Ontario, he filmed enough to put this edit together. Traditionalists fear not, as he has already returned to his faithful cassette hub, but you can read an interview with him about hubs, riding, California, Toronto, and more on the RideBMX site.

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27 Jan Ode To Duff Grove

In the middle of the city of Toronto, known for its street riding, lays Dufferin Grove Park, or Duff Grove as it is commonly known. Full with a community garden, bone fire pits, and a Thursday evening farmer’s market, it also contains a make shift wooden park that bike riders and skateboarders make the best of. Certain times of the season it may be in total disrepair, and other times it may seem like it is running smoothly. Made of mostly donated ramps (one of which is from us) and rails, the community pitches in where they can to keep this place going.

It’s not a glamorous spot by any means, but it is where you will often find riders looking for a mellow session without having to pedal far, hanging out with their friends without much concern. From locals to riders visiting from out of town that day, it’s our warm up spot, meet up spot, or just where we unwind after a work day. It’s probably the one spot I ride the most all summer long, and some evenings I would pull out my camera from my pocket and try to film a bit of what an average night there is like. Check out this short video of assorted stuff I filmed this past summer with Chijioke Okafo, Trent Barker, Chris Cadot, Greg Henry, Lee Dennis, Brandon Webster, and Chris Silva.

Filmed and edited by Prashant Gopal
Music: Ponderosa Twins Plus One – Bound

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06 Jan Chris Silva by Peter Almeida

Chris Silva with another new edit. Filled with the results of all sorts of random spot hunts from Toronto, Vancouver, and Austin for Ten Pack. Filmed by a whole bunch of dudes and edited by Peter Almeida with some bizarre animations. Get in to it.

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28 Nov Chris Silva MCNLBC Remix

Here’s the Chris Silva MCNLBC remix edit, since Youtube and Vimeo had some issues with the original song, Zach Rampen re-edited the footage into this. Now if only it was crispy Hd footage right Silva?

“Chris Silva produced a ton of great stuff while he was down at our Long Beach house last year and his resulting edit got a ton of views. Unfortunately, using a Beatles track for it ruffled some feathers (legally) and it was recently taken down so we decided to put together a remix edit. Press play and watch Silva rip some pegless moves all over the LBC.” – MacNeil Bikes

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