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11 Mar ICC No Exit

Chris Silva just uploaded ICC’s 6th DVD release “No Exit” and it’s damn good. Hit play to watch 22 minutes of riding at some v rare Toronto/GTA spots.

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03 Nov #TBT MacNeil Northwest

Today we feature a special TBT which had been lost from the world wide web recently. Dating back to Summer 2010, the Macneil team started in Vancouver, and headed as far south as Portland, making the most of a week in the Northwest. Featuring Jaumell Campbell, Dillon Lloyd, Greg Flag, Chris Silva, Chris Martindale, Harrison Boyce and Travis Collier, this productive trip definitely looked and felt longer than a week. Besides the riding there were a ton of antics along the way, Silva ended up messing up his ankle really badly but kept in high spirits, a young Dillon Lloyd kept everyone laughing along the way. Just remember, dogs don’t tell

Peep a photo gallery from the trip on defgrip here

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01 Feb Chris Silva – Nub Nuts

“I don’t believe I’m over-stretching when I say that no one else in BMX that has pegless grinds on lock like Chris Silva. Most the credit surely goes to Chris and his borderline obsessive attention to detail, but his signature “Nub Nuts” from Animal surely get some credit, as well. No need for a 17mm, either. Just use a ratchet and you’re good to fire out pegless backwards rails, hangers, and pegs to hard 180’s.” Animal bikes

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25 Nov Chris Silva – BMX Double Peg-Less To BB Grind

A quick behind the scenes of Silva’s last clip in MacNeil’s Any Means Necessary DVD.

“My part ender trick from the 2015 MacNeil – Any Means Necessary DVD. This session was filmed April 21st 2013.
Pegless double peg to bottom bracket grind, on a kinked rail.
Filmed by Chijioke Okafo & Mike Headford”

Chris Silva

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04 Oct Chris Silva – Selfie Spot Collector

As you probably know, Chris Silva is always searching and finding amazing new spots in Toronto. Here he makes the most of 3 spots and his camera/ tripod. Can’t even begin to imagine that last clip alone, Silva’s the man.

song: Kak- Trieulogy
Self filmed & Edited

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