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06 Jul Fictional Finalism – Full Video

Well, if you’re doing anything at all, stop it this second. Andrew Schubert has graced the internet with his drop dead gorgeous video, Fictional Finalism. If you aren’t familiar, get familiar. Full sections and mix sections from the west coast’s finest, put together with love by Mr. Schubert himself.

P.S. for those of you that couldn’t spend the whopping $7 for a download when it came out a few months back, Hango will be visiting you in your sleep.

Riding from: Jason Teet, Wink Grant, Chris Cadot, Riley Abramyk, Matt Desson, Carl Arnett, Isaac Barnes, Jack Leonard, Austin Mazur, Ky Brisebois, Andrew Schubert, Brad Hill, Owen Dawson, Jordan Hango and more.

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23 May Pump The Jam

Jason Teet, Chris Cadot, Ryan Hiebert and Wink Grant doing some biking in Victoria BC for Atlantis Vancouver.
Filmed/Edited by Wink.

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28 Feb Atlantis Vancouver – Land of Milk & Honey

The dudes over at Atlantis Vancouver just dropped their 3rd full length video and it’s stupid good.

Featuring parts from Jason Teet, Jordan Hango, Chris Cadot, Brad Hill, Dave Scott, Taylor Elvy, Wink Grant, D-Mo, Carl Arnett, Owen Dawson, Ryan Hiebert, Riley Abramyk and more. Filmed by Orlando, Wink, Schubert, Riley and Robby. Pieced together by Brad Hill.


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26 Jan Chris Cadot – Down the street

“Chris had a busy year in 2016, when he wasn’t working he was on the move filming for multiple projects, and also made the move to Vancouver from St. Catharines ON. This was filmed mainly in 2016 with clips from Nashville, Ontario, Alberta, and BC. After wrapping up some projects like BMXFU Meow Mix 2, Cadot decided start fresh for 2017, and put the rest of his footage to use resulting in this 1664XCadot piece!”

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06 Jan Meow Mix 2

Remember Meow Mix? Chris Kitty Cadot is back at it again with a dope mix and good vibes. Featuring most of the FU cru, this is enough to make you hate winter that much more and wish you were out cruising with squad.

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20 Apr Jordan Krupa 2015 by Chris Cadot

The KMAN, Jordan Krupa is an OG/ legendary BMXFU member who’s been kickfliping long before kickflipping became cool and tossing some of the cleanest bars in the game forever. Krup is the man and we couldn’t be more stoked to host this beauty of an edit he and Chris Cadot (also THE MAN) put together.

Additional filming by: Andrew White, Lee Dennis

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