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26 Nov Northern Embassy Recruits: Connor Campbell

Headlining our NE Recruits project, Connor Campbell hails out of Calgary and has been killing it for as long as we’ve been seeing footage of him. Constantly putting in work, Connor was stoked to take on a Recruits section for us with pal and legendary Calgary filmer, Austin Odegnal. We chatted with Connor about a bunch of things including his summer, filming for this video, and currently being in Barcelona. Photos by Austin Odegnal and Matthew Macleod.

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06 Feb Calgary Locals: 2018 VX Adventures

Austin Odegnal put together this 15-minute mixtape featuring mostly Calgary locals riding street spots and parks around the province. The full cast includes Matt Walser, Quintin Baptiste, Darcy Peters, Jay Park, Brenden Giese, Sean Gillis, Tony Inda, Travis Kozie, Tyler Horness, Richard Gallant, Nathan Dowdle, Chay Nelson, Brad Mulholland, Birken Kirk, Austin Odegnal, and Connor Campbell. There’s some good stuff in here. Check it out!

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16 Mar Bad 4 Life at B-Line Bike Park

Hot dog lovers Brodie Gwilliam and Zach Lokken recently took a winter road trip to Calgary, Alberta to sample the finest of packaged meat slurries. Here is what they captured during a few days of taste testing at B-Line Bike Park. Additional appearances from Jack Nicholl, Austin Odegnal, Darcy Peters, Justin Schwanke, Travis Kozie, and more.

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