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18 Aug Dave Hawthorne Photo – Brooklyn Price

“The other night I was completely asleep at three in the morning when Matt Desson called and said he and his crew were going to drive to Winnipeg to hit up some untouched spots.  In the mix of the conversation he mentioned this wheel chair rail as one of the spots he wanted to ride, and made a direct reference to this Brooklyn Price’s photo.  It is one of my favourite photos. Brook can make relatively simple tricks look rad.  A stylish bunnyhop is timeless but a few years ago, when this was shot, the stylish bunnyhop was not as current – think today’s Andrew Jackson’s tuck, or Dakota Roche’s Euro table.  Brook’s working in Edmonton right now. Someone lend the man a bike for a few days, get him back into the thick of things.
Desson, by the way, ended up not coming to Winnipeg.”

Dave Hawthorne

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photo by Eric Marshall

If you’ve ever had the chance to meet Dan Cook, you probably know he’s a great guy with a very funny personality. Besides the obvious English banter, he always seems to get himself into very funny situations. I’ve know Dan for a few years now and I’ve always looked up to his photos. He’s one of the few BMX photographers that tries his best to approach BMX with a different feel. “Nothing thrills me more then going out, thinking about a photo angle, setting up many flashes and catching it at the right time” he says. Click below for a few photos Dan has taken and some Q&A. If you want see more of his work take a look at his flickr.

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