Brodie Gwilliam

Brodie Gwilliam: Traction Control

Kelvington‘s best [and only] bicycle stunt performer is here to deliver new video content for your entertainment needs. This time around, Brodie Gwilliam carves, airs, skids, and grinds his way through his indoor ramp set-up. Maximum traction. Maximum control.

Bad 4 Life: Subrail 2

The Bad 4 Life boys have been keeping warm the last couple winters in rural Saskatchewan. Join Jarek Mus, Zach Lokken, and esteemed barn owner, Brodie Gwilliam as they get weird indoors. This is Canadian creativity [and resourcefulness] at its finest!

Bush League 3

Brodie Gwilliam went HAM in his latest and greatest edit filmed around what I presume is his own farm. I got mad appreciation for someone who uses his truck to drop in!

Shake Hands With Beef – SK

Here’s some Saskatchewan shredders making the best of winter. On top of a bunch of solid riding, and I hate to ruin this for anyone, but there’s a ridiculous whiplash toothpick grind in there. Featuring Zach Lokken, Jarek Mus, Steven Kowalsky, Andrew “Rich Mercedes” Richards, Mitch Anderson, Brodie Gwilliam, Tyzee, and Tristan Snider. Edited by …

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Mitch Anderson – Let’s Get Fistical

The part that really shuts down Let’s get Fistical, Mitch has been shredding Prince Albert, SK for a long time now. His handplant over the horse remains one of the most ridiculous/incredible things to happen on a bmx in Canada ever.