Brayden Rastad

Ben Cobb HDSD

Ben Cobb has come a long way from the superman mtb fly out kid. The dude has a lot of skill and is smooth as butter, put together wonderfully as usual by Brayden Rastad. In HD and SD

End of Summer Vol 2 – brayden rastad

This is awesome (minus the first bail). Brayden of the Gnarcotics/POCO squad comes though with some amaizng filming and editing while the squad continues to progress looking smoother than ever.  Grain has never looked so good and either has a BMX balancing on a random dude’s chin.

Ben Cobb and Owen Dawson Mix

[vimeo id=”120923371″] Ben Cobb and Owen Dawson are a couple Poco Locos who can shred any given spot, in this particular edit it’s Lafarge in Coquitlam, BC. Filmed and edited by Brayden Rastad, be sure to also check out Brayden’s Hi Deff edit from Poco and Poco locals here.