15 Feb Best Bikers at the Traphouse

The best bikers return with another trap house vid. Greg came thru with a crazy Xgames run biking line that you need to see to believe.

Featuring Greg Henry, Charlie Crumlish, Lee Dennis, Chris Orbell, Jordan Krupa and Jake Montgomery

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22 Mar BMXFU – Super Price Choppers *In The Hood*

The squad is at it again, this time with some TF fire from the winter months. T-bone will x-up grind anything, GH will air it, Jake will 60/40 it, Krupa will bar it, Andrew will smith hard it, Chuck will fuf it and Lee will whip it.

“Ft. kyle the ginger, trent barkner, andrew white, charlie c, greg h, lee dennis the menace, rahlin rigsby, nick and justin dadbois skate squad, jake montgomery, jordan krupa” -Chuck

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06 Mar TW 20 a G Mixtape

The anonymous group that goes by the name “TeamWeed” has just released a biking mixtape. This might be a good clue as to who’s behind this movement, but we’ll likely never know.

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09 Jan Fridgetape – BMXFU

Greg Henry has been investing in a ton of really expensive camera gear to ensure fridge tape was nothing short of a visual masterpiece. It does not disappoint. A movie about 30 year olds drinking in alleys and filming clips on a iphone 6s.




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06 Jan Meow Mix 2

Remember Meow Mix? Chris Kitty Cadot is back at it again with a dope mix and good vibes. Featuring most of the FU cru, this is enough to make you hate winter that much more and wish you were out cruising with squad.

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19 May BMXFU X Northern EMbassy Camping shirts


Over the years we’ve had some limited but memorable clothing runs. We’ve been wanting to do a collab with BMXFU forever and the stars aligned to create this beauty of a shirt.

This shirt represents some of the best things that come hand in hand with BMX, being outside, exploring unknowns, camping with buds and so much more. To be fair the dudes at BMXFU did all of the work but we couldn’t be happier with how they turned out! Support the homies and grab a shirt while they still have some, grab a hat, a pin, some wax or whatever else you might need knowing every penny you spend is going back to them riders at BMXFU. Click here to cop one
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