Bmx Gallery 4130

Bmx Gallery 4130 Welcome’s Quintin Baptiste

Quintin kills it: steezy style (amazing hop tbogs), a nice variety of tricks and spots, don’t sleep on this one. “We Welcome Quintin Baptiste to BmxGallery’s team! He’s been killing it this year! and now proudly representing BmxGallery! Filmed/Edited – Jay Park” BMX Gallery 4130

BMX Gallery Draftpicks Mix

Dope new edit from the BMX Gallery homies, put together by Tadros Eyob. Featuring¬† Jay Park, Quintin Baptiste, Brock Gandy, Mitchell Hall, Tristan Dildo, Connor Campbell, Dredon Tattrie, Owen Dawson, and Kalvin SEXsmith. “SHOUT OUT TO WORLD DEECE FOR HOOKIN A FLOOR TO SLEEP ON. WELUVUJAMESDEAN :)”