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06 Jul “Montreal Olympic Stadium is basically a skatepark”


“The Montreal Olympic Stadium is basically a skatepark”. How many times have you heard someone say that? It’s truly is an incredible and legendary Canadian spot with burly, technical and all sorts of awesome stuff to ride.

It seems there are plans to now transform part of it into a skatepark. $750,000 doesn’t go too far in terms of a skatepark but it should be interesting to see what happens.

Does this mean the stadium is no longer considered a street spot? What are you thoughts?

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13 May MTL Street Session Jam

The-Rise is holding a BMX/MTB street Jam in Montreal Saturday June 9. If your in the area hit this up, meet up spot is the Wallride spot at the Big-O around noon. Spring is in the air, hopefully we’ll be posting up a bunch more of these type of events over the next few months!

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27 Nov Big-O Update

Mike Fiz hooked up this dope article and this one of the infamous Montreal Big-O being relocated. It’s pretty amazing that $63,000 is being spent to relocate the legendary Canadian fullpipe/mini. A ton of respect goes to the Saputo family for respecting this spot and it’s history enough to keep it alive.

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