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07 Apr TBT Ant Life in LA

A look to back to last winter’s Ant Life in LA edit. It already feels like this was many winters ago with this current winter dragging on but for now enjoy a few minutes of sunshine, good spots, great riding and filming to get you through what is hopefully the last week of hell.

Featuring: Phil Bartlett, Jordan Hickey, Ryan Antle and Dave Scott

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17 Jan Turndown/Ant Life Winter Session

St. John’s, Newfoundland has a booming BMX scene and population, despite the city’s relatively small size. Much of that can be attributed to Rob Yetman’s shop Turndown. Very few shops offer a huge selection of BMX bikes and parts, as well as being home to an ever changing indoor park. Rob and his crew are in there building ramps, rails, and modifying their setup in order to offer the riders of St. John’s a haven for the long winter months. Jon Fenn sent in this edit from their winter so far, which includes a number of Hiatus/Deadline era riders back riding for the first time in a few years.

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24 Nov Ant Life: Keep Truckin’ On

This Ant Life edit came in from Jon Fennelly from St. John’s and it’s a great weekend watch. Featuring all the bys from Newfoundland (Jon Fennelly, Rob Yetman, Patrick Sullivan, Sean Slade, Phil Bartlett, Justin Sullivan, Luke Reid, Blair Pennell, Robert Osmond, and Brandon Hedderson) having some fun. The first half is filmed with a GoPro/iPhone, and the second half with a Canon T3i. Enjoy!

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27 May Ant Life: Newfs in Toronto

The other week Phil Bartlett, Sean Slade and Jon Fennelly flew out from Newfoundland to Toronto to ride the city for a while. Phil got broke off on a dirt jump near the end of their trip and flew home early, but they managed to get a lot riding in throughout different parts of the city. Check out this edit from their trip, put together by Chris Langoid.

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