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14 Jan MacNeil/Ten Pack Surrey jam wednesday


If your in the Vancouver/Surrey surroundings this week be sure to head out to the MacNeil/Ten Pack Jam at Chuck bailey park (13458-107A Ave, Surrey) on Wednesday from 5pm-8pm. Weather is looking good (which is rare for January) and there’s going to be a BBQ, music, Animal’s new QSS4 DVD premiere and a good ass time. MacNeil/Ten Pack homies Andy Roode, Greg Flag, Jeff Evans, Luke Santucci, Adam Piatek, Ryan Hiebert and more homies will be in attendance.

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23 Aug Stay Glad, It’s Summer Mix

I’ve been slacking on the Embassy edits lately but I’m stoked on this one. Stay Glad Summer Mix featuring Justin Kirnan, Justin Hughes, Matt Desson, Greg Flag, James Steele, Prashant Gopal, Dillon Lloyd, Loren Lyftogt, Ras Gravesen, Ryan Hiebert, Andy Roode, Matt Ridgeway, Taylor Elvy, special guests and myself. It’s sunny and warm, stay glad and ride bikes.

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