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14 Apr MacNeil – Any Means Necessary

Posting this ‘exclusive’ trailer on here anyway because it features some of the Canada’s finest and it was put together by the man himself, Zach Rampen. Get stoked by any means, you won’t be disappointed! Featuring Dillon Lloyd, Greg Flag, Sam Lowe, Chijioke Okafo, Chris Silva, Adam Piatek, Jack Leonard, John Manaras, Jaumell Campbell, George Bolter, Amos Franke, Nathan Hines, Justin Hughes and more.

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22 Mar Vancouver Deece

James Dean bringing some Vancouver Deece featuring: Amos Franke, Brandon Van Dulken, Thomas Arden, Carl Arnett, Ryan Hiebert and James Dean.

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30 Jan Amos Franke Macneil Street/Park Mix

Amos has been killing it for the last while but has been off the radar for the most part. The guy has endless amounts of energy and channels it through his bike. MacNeil took notice and snapped the dude up. This edit was filmed over the spring, summer, and fall with no real project or deadline in mind. Just buds out cruisin!

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09 Jan 5 Clips With Amos Franke

Amos comes out swinging for his inaugural MacNeil/Ten Pack edit. Welcome to the team, bud. Amos has some more stuff in the works for us, so don’t slack on joining the fan club. The guy has skills.

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22 Nov Amos Franke Vancouver Summer 2012 by Zach Rampen

“Here is a little edit of Amos Franke. There clips where compiled before he broke his collar bone and fractured his pelvis this summer. The initial plan was do go for a fully rounded edit. With obvious setbacks, we have Amos doing what he does best. Techin’ out on anything in his path.”
– Zach Rampen

Amos does some ridiculous stuff on the UBC slants in here amongst other things including a crazy banger. Put together wonderfully by Zach Rampen, thanks boys! Heal up Amos, we want to see a full edit in 2013 (apparently the above edit was filmed in only a few days).

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14 Nov Zach Rampen 2011 Edit

Zach Rampen hooked up this dope 2011 edit, filmed over the course of 2011 in Kelowna, Penticton, Salmon Arm, Vancouver and Kamloops, BC. Featuring Slade Scherer, Pat McGogy, Colin Fried, Kris Conn, Zach Rampen, Richard Gregory, Kyle Lightfoot, Jim Hodge, Matt Desson, and Amos Franke. Thanks a ton for hooking this up Zach, you da man. Be sure to check out Zach’s site, Oh So visual.

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