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19 Mar Matt Comeau 5 Clips – Spin Skatepark

Matt and I intended on filming a full skatepark video between Joyride, Spin and Taz during the week after X-Jam. Instead, we ended up taking advantage of nice weather and riding street, then being lazy at the parks. At Spin we decided to buck up and get at least a nice little five clips done, and here’s the result.

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15 Jun Five clip fever: NE 2015 – Summer Contest

As you know, Northern Embassy has always tried to organize a couple contests per year, typically with a larger summer contest. Last year we held the popular Hidden Gems contest which saw a ton of incredible riding and sections from many Canadian shredders (http://www.northernembassy.com/?s=hidden+gems). For this year’s summer contest we have decided to go back to a popular NE feature; the 5 clips. Five clip edits are simple to do, entertaining, and can really open a ton of ways to be creative with it. Also check back for NE/ sponsor colab edits to promote this contest throughout the summer.
For the summer of 2015 we will host 5 clip edits from riders across the country, every Monday. We will be posting every 5 clip edit we have received over the week (please send to NorthernEmbassy@gmail.com) from June 20th to August 31st and we will be giving away prize packs from our sponsors throughout the contest duration/ at the end of the contest. To keep things fair and interesting, winning edits will not solely be chosen on riding; originality/creativity, spot choice, filming/editing and more will all play a part in choosing the winning edits. Atlantis, Business, Federal, MacNeil, Etnies, BMX Gallery 4130, WETHEPEOPLE, Repset, Eclat, Merritt, Yo Sick, The Make and BMXFU all hooked it up so there’s a ton of prize packs up for grabs, a lot of dudes will win stuff! Thanks a ton to these sponsors for helping make this happen!
Get out there and get dem 5 clips. #NEFIVECLIPFEVER    ****OPEN TO CANADIAN RESIDENTS ONLY****
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21 May Labour Day Five Clip

This is the kind of five clip edit you make when you’re old and you have kids. This past Labor Day, I met up with some of the guys I grew up riding with and we had a quick session at the Penticton skatepark. We all started riding together about fifteen years ago, grew up, moved to different countries and stayed in touch. BMX is awesome for that.

The Embassy x Etnies five clip contest is still running through June 1st. Send your entries to northernembassy@gmail.com.

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01 May 5 Clips With Patrick Krzyzanowski

Patrick Krzyzanowski (who we did a studio tour with before) is one of those people that works really hard at something, can abstain from it for a long period of time, and still retain everything he learned. I could probably count on one hand the number of times I can get him out to ride, but when he does, he hasn’t lost anything. We spent the weekend in the small town of Campbellford, ON, rode their minimal yet fun skatepark, and Pat was able to film a few tricks in no time. Check out this quick 5 trick edit with him (plus a bonus clip), with guests clips from Leland Nightingale and myself (Prashant), filmed on a shaky iPhone.

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