3: Missoula

Missoula is home to the University of Montana and serves as a nice base for hitting the rest of the parks in Montana. It has a skatepark that was lobbied for by the drummer from Pearl Jam and a river that’s packed with people on inner tubes at all time.

The next morning we carried on only to stop for the obligatory Montana border sign photo shoot.  As soon as we arrived at the park in Missoula we heard about how Slade fell from the top of the massive capsule to flat, only to see him and Ty wandering back from a swim in the nearby river.  The park was fairly empty, and not quite as slick as the others.  Both Andrew and Hango were killing the bowl.

Lazer. Photo: Kurt Murseli

Myself, Ty, and Aaron had a time in the pool like bowl, even slid a little more pool coping for good measure.  While riding the pool two older guys showed up on mountain bikes, covered in tattoos, face and head included talking about how the could roll in. I told them it might not be the best idea on those bikes, that’s when they decided to leave in search of better things, “beer and pussay”. Fair enough, this is Montana.

Ty Scott. Photo: Kurt Murseli