07 Aug Mike Gray – 2016

It’s pretty rare in this day and age that a 5 minute web edit has your attention the whole way through/ feels like a minute or two because of how good it is. Mike kills it in this and it is filmed/edited way better than any Mike edit to date, enjoy!

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29 Jul Justin Hughes – Imported 2016 taz edit

We’ve been sitting on this dope edit Vlad P put together of Justin Hughes with some Taz winter footage for weeks now. Hughes is too lazy to answer the “top 5 questions” we sent him weeks ago so we’re posting the edit up anyways and calling him out in hopes one day he might actually answer them.

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18 Jul IMPORTED winter at Taz

Vlad comes through with another dope Imported mix edit, this time from their winter at le Taz in Montreal.

Featuring : Justin Hughes, Joel Marchand, Kevin Girard, Arnaud Paquin, Vlad Poloukhine and more.

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