29 Aug Kyle Lafleur

Kyle Lafleur is a Sudbury to Ottawa now Kitchener transplant who can kill any terrain in front of him. Check his latest footage via Rich Red

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25 Aug Weird & Revered – Vagabundos en España

“Back in May I was in Barcelona for a study abroad program. This was my second time visiting the city. Although I didn’t get to ride as much as I intended due to school commitments, I made a deliberate effort to take in as much as possible this time around. With this video I wanted to capture not only some great travel memories, but also the vibes of the city. I’m a huge fan of live music and Barcelona is rich with street performers. The entirety of the video features street music I filmed when out riding or touring the city with friends. I also spent a great deal of time collecting B-Roll footage. I would often carry a camera in my pocket when wandering around or even commuting to school. As blown out as Barcelona may seem in the BMX world, it truly is a remarkable place; It’s a place filled with a vibrant outdoor culture, weird characters, and of course plenty of spots. I hope this video portrays some of the city’s nuances and perhaps inspires a few more people to experience it for themselves.” Justin Schwanke

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19 Aug Eclat Mount Royal

What happens when Devon Smillie, Sean Burns, Bruno Hoffmann, Dillon Lloyd, Carl Arnett, Ryan Eles, Shane Weston, Dan Coller, & Alex Kennedy shred Montreal for just over a week? Hit play…

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