04 Oct Solo Yolo Gobbo tour 2015

As Andrew Gobbo sets off on his 2016 European journey, what better time to drop his 2015 trip compilation. “Finally finished this video from my adventures last year, footage from Yellowknife, Guelph, Hamilton, Toronto (?) Glasgow, Berlin, Stockholm, Milan, Bologna, Rome, Toulon, Marseille, Barcelona, and Best of all Malaga. And yes that was Ruben who filmed that one clip. Thanks to everyone else that filmed, too many to name. Cole Murray I fucking love you.  Best trip of my life. Can’t wait to go back. Doing it all again in T minus a couple fucking days!!”

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14 Sep FISE World Edmonton: Kaskitayo Jam

Justin Schwanke and the boys at Weird and Revered hosted a jam along side the FISE organizers in Edmonton and it looked like a time. Fresh Ted Bambrick and Matt Walser footage never hurts either! Stoked to see how the contest goes this coming weekend.

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