08 Nov Levi Wiersma Haro Video 2016

We’d heard rumblings of Levi Wiersma, the Albertan who had moved to Vancouver Island and how incredible of a bike rider he was at only 20 years of age. The first edit we’ve seen from him does not disappoint, a tone of smooth park riding in this one.

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03 Nov #TBT MacNeil Northwest

Today we feature a special TBT which had been lost from the world wide web recently. Dating back to Summer 2010, the Macneil team started in Vancouver, and headed as far south as Portland, making the most of a week in the Northwest. Featuring Jaumell Campbell, Dillon Lloyd, Greg Flag, Chris Silva, Chris Martindale, Harrison Boyce and Travis Collier, this productive trip definitely looked and felt longer than a week. Besides the riding there were a ton of antics along the way, Silva ended up messing up his ankle really badly but kept in high spirits, a young Dillon Lloyd kept everyone laughing along the way. Just remember, dogs don’t tell

Peep a photo gallery from the trip on defgrip here

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26 Oct Gleamin QUit Dreaming – DVD Review


In a world of quantity over quality, Gleamin – Quit Dreaming is the exact opposite of all of that. It’s fair to say there hasn’t been a more anticipated BMX flick since Criminal Mischief and of course Deadline. The pressure built up as the months went on and GLMN was there, but nowhere at the same time. That being said, it does not disappoint. A true masterpiece, arguably the best Canadian BMX film ever made.

If you aren’t familiar with Luke Santucci, Luke grew up in Edmonton, AB riding with the likes of Jaumell Campbell, Jared Chilko, Mike Boag, K Will, Chaunch, Ren and more. The son of 5 time grey cup champion Angelo Santucci (find the reference in the dvd) would eventually move out of Edmonton to Vancouver, where he’s been living for the last 6-7 years. Luke is well known for his riding but has been somewhat underrated in his filming/ editing forever. Quit Dreaming shows how incredibly talented Luke is behind a camera and editing software, with seamless links from section to section, great soundtrack and great fish angles with his modded mk2 (nah son).

Doing a DVD review is never easy. There’s no real reason to explain the radness of this DVD but here’s a few reasons you should grab a copy:– It will make you want to go to Vancouver badly (or feel like you are already there for the duration of the video)
– This is a legit crew video, all of these guys are friends and chill/ride together on a regular basis and it shows
– Luke kills it at filming/editing
– Jaumell Campbell, Taylor Elvy, James Steele, Dave Scott, Andy Roode, Matt Desson, Brad Hill, Cory Beal, Ryan Hiebert, le Luke, Mike Boag, Jared Chilko, amongst a ton more have clips/ sections. All these guys are legends.
– Jordan Hango has last section and it’s typical Hango…
– Luke put years of time and effort into this, rather than taking the typical web route, we have a lifelong physical copy of a masterpiece in Canadian BMX history

This could drag on forever but essentially the underlying message is that you’ll be disappointed with yourself years from now if you don’t get a copy of this dvd. This film is 100% Canadian BMX at it’s finest. No Bullshit, just friends riding their city for all the right reasons. Take note kids, this is what it’s all about, QUIT DREAMING

Buy a copy or multiple copies here


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24 Oct Full Whack

Shelby Young is a local Winnipeg rider who you can always find ripping the bowl at The Forks Plaza or shredding Sargent skate park, here is the proof.

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24 Oct Weird & Revered: Country Livin’

Justin and the Weird & Revered dudes have been dropping some dope stuff lately but this takes the cake for me. Schwanke and Colin Reimer ride some super tight minimalist woods setups in this Bush League inspired video. Can’t get over the first crash clip, gap to power box clips were out of control, and they ride an old rickety trailer probably 10 different ways. Reminds me of being 12, not even knowing what BMX was and piling plywood on top of homies bikes to make ramps. Loved this one.

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24 Oct Nick Halisheff interview

Back in June we hit up Nick Halisheff to do an interview on NE and he’s been filming for an edit to go along side it ever since. Although the interview was done a while back and Nick now resides in Vancouver, have a read to get to know this Albertan born street shredder.

Name, age, where you’re living and where you’re from/born?
Ok dude! My names nick halisheff I’m currently living in Edmonton was born and raised their 18 years old

When and why did you first start riding bmx?
When I was about ten I’m pretty sure hahaha

Howd you get into it?
My mom bought me some Walmart bike when I was ten and I started doing wheelies and screwin around with it on the daily and since than that all I’ve wanted to do nothin beats the feeling of being on a bike everyday!

What’s your local park/ where did you grow up riding the most?
Local park would have to be kaskitayo in Edmonton and I grew up riding millennium skatepark.View Post

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