25 Nov Scott Davis: 2016 Mixtape

This is dope. Filmed over a period of around 3 months at different parks surrounding Lethbridge, AB, and obviously tons of local Lethbridge park clips in there also. Filmed by Brian Smith featuring Scott Davis. This is 100% better than 20 skatepark instagram posts filmed on your friends iphone. Take notes kids.

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18 Nov Gnarcotics Street Mix

If every crew in Canada were as productive as the Gnarcotics crew ( and potentially spent less time on inst waste) what a marvelous thing it would be. We truly always enjoy fresh footage from these dudes and this edit is no exception. This is their first street only mix and features some guest clips from Adam Piatek and Pawel Podgorny. POCO repin

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15 Nov Dave Laliberte – Northern Embassy x Riffs

“I filmed this little piece with Dave throughout the summer during a few weekend trips around British Columbia. Dave is an absolute animal when it comes to going full speed at anything. Neither dirt, street or park is safe when the metal starts rollin’.”

Filmed/Edited by:
Chase Davidson

How The God’s Kill by Danzig

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09 Nov Ben Cobb HDSD

Ben Cobb has come a long way from the superman mtb fly out kid. The dude has a lot of skill and is smooth as butter, put together wonderfully as usual by Brayden Rastad. In HD and SD

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08 Nov Matt Comeau in Kingston

Fuck trump, watch Matt Comeau shred Kingston, ON through the camera of Landon Barnes. Guest clips from Ryan Wright, Landon Barnes and Scott Lauzen. There’s some real heat in the last few clips so watch til the end

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