11 Dec ANTLIFE x FL V2

Ants in FL V2. Antlife never disappoints.

Jordan Hickey, Ryan Antle, Corey Antle and Robert Osmond flew out from Newf to visit so we spent a week stacking in the Tampa/Miami areas.

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05 Dec Scene Zine – Matt Perrin


“After a handful of trips across Canada and the United States shooting photos with my Pentax K-1000 and riding my BMX I it was time to make something. I usually take photos of anything mildly interesting or BMX related simply for the sake of just doing something I love. I knew in the back of my mind the right day would finally come for all of these rolls of film to be put to good use. With some inspiration, spare time and couple gallons of coffee, Scene Zine is here.

Scene Zine is a free zine packed with a collection of photos and interviews documenting street riding and the lifestyle BMX riders around the country live. There are a small few things in life that can compare to riding street in a foregin city and getting swept away by where it takes you. Scene zine documents this by an array of black and white photography and interviews with riders I met in these circumstances on specific subjects to which I find to be enlightening. Volume 1 documents a six day road trip to Minneapolis with the Royal Sports Bike Shop crew, riding and finding my way around Chicago with my pal Ian Peters, and an interview on the topic of camping with Vancouver’s green giant, Amos Franke and Edmonton’s favourite panda, Duke Thomson. Among these 40 pages are the unseen and in-between  documenting everything else I shot which I thought was worthy enough to make it in.
If you would like to get your hands on a physical copy of Scene Zine you can visit Royal Sports in Winnipeg, 3Ride in Vancouver, Thunder Bay or Toronto, Atlantis Vancouver or 514 BMX in Montreal in the next few days. You can also purchase a copy of Volume 1 with a package deal that includes some buttons, stickers and a 11” x 17” poster for only $10. Very Limited supply so get em now before they’re gone! “Matt Perrin

@scene_zine web:

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01 Dec Brenten Wylie 2016

Brenten has been doing his thing cleaning up the flat ledges in Winnipeg over summer. The feeble hard 180 around that “C” shaped ledge was super clean and I was pumped to see a ghost feeble too!

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01 Dec Weird & Revered: Electrocoaster

Damn, check out some electrofluorescent inspired maneuvers by the coaster boaster himself. Justin has wanted to create an electronic feeling video for quite some time now and has collected riding footage as well as dank trippy light footage from Croatia, California, and Alberta. Peep it.

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28 Nov Citadel Coast Bar promo

My uncle Harrison and his father Trent have been working on designing some bars for their brand Citadel for quite some time. Shit’s finally dropped and it’s tight. Made in the USA and tough as hell, with that geo that will either make you wanna blast curb cuts or 180 bar over rails. Or maybe even do bump jumps to gap swan dives of death like Alexis does in this banging promo around the 20 second mark. Don’t sleep on these family, support real and cop the old school way by hitting up the boys at, or the new school way by sliding into the DM’s over at @citdael.bmx on insta.

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