Ants in FL V2. Antlife never disappoints. Jordan Hickey, Ryan Antle, Corey Antle and Robert Osmond flew out from Newf to visit so we spent a week stacking in the Tampa/Miami areas.

Brenten Wylie 2016

Brenten has been doing his thing cleaning up the flat ledges in Winnipeg over summer. The feeble hard 180 around that “C” shaped ledge was super clean and I was pumped to see a ghost feeble too!

Weird & Revered: Electrocoaster

Damn, check out some electrofluorescent inspired maneuvers by the coaster boaster himself. Justin has wanted to create an electronic feeling video for quite some time now and has collected riding footage as well as dank trippy light footage from Croatia, California, and Alberta. Peep it.