11 Jan Top 5 2010 Lists

With 2010 a few days behind us, 2011 is sure to be a big year here at Embassy. Although we didn’t do any kind of best of/ look back list onto 2010 this year, I did see a bunch of sweet ones in the last little while and compiled a quick list of 5 favorites. Look for some sort of Embassy list this time next year.View Post

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I could give you all the cliché interview introductory gibberish like how he’s an amazing bike rider or how he is a great friend.  That he is always down to help you out, whether it be fixing your bike or helping out when your car breaks down on the side of the road.  Or that he is always there to have a good time.  But I’m not going to because all that should just go without saying.  Mike Boag is the best.

Mike is from southern Alberta and is now (and has been for a long time) a well respected Edmonton local.  He helped run and build the Thorsby ramp park that kept so many of us sane in the winter.  He has helped most of his friends find jobs in the city.  There’s not much he hasn’t done.  And to think…  He doesn’t look a day over 21.  If you didn’t know any better, you would never be able to tell that he is thirty years old. Click HERE to check out the video and read the interview.

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04 Jan Phil Bartlett Interview

Phil is a rad dude on and off his bike. We hit him up with a bunch of random ass questions a while back and he finally got back to us with answers. Phil’s heading to Cali in a few hours, another Canadian heavy hitter to hit Cali this January. View Post

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24 Dec James Steele Edit

I know we usually keep to Embassy content on here but Jimmy is the man and we put this together for him so fuck it.

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21 Dec Happy Holidays from Embassy!

On behalf of everyone here at Embassy, we want to wish you a great holiday, a merry Christmas and all the best in the new year. We’ve got a lot planned for 2011 so keep checking back. Also, if ever you or anyone you know has ideas for the site, knows of a jam in your area, has pictures or video you want to hook up, were always down for submissions or anything you can send our way. We want to keep Embassy on top of anything happening in BMX in Canada so hit us up anytime @ . Click HERE to read on…

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As a follow up to our last Ode To Junk Food post, Toronto’s Leland Nightingale sent through his story of BMX road trip indulgence:

We (Leland Nightingale, Patrick Krzyzanowski, ‘Miami’ Mike Broff) have been going to Ft Lauderdale, Florida for four years now every winter before xmas (to ride) and each and every day we have Taco Bell once (or twice) sometimes for breakfast and we always go to this same grimey pizza joint (Downtown Pizzeria or DTP) for late night slices once a day. Its pretty gross but its the way she goes.

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