We are starting up a few new features here at Embassy. The first one being Mike Fiz’ Audio Popoff Avantgarde, since I’ve known Mike he’s known more about new music than anyone I’ve ever met. Mike is going to start doing his own music section on the Embassy site, Mike Fiz’ Audio Popoff Avantgarde. Here’s what …

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Eli Taylor Interview

I first heard of Eli Taylor a while back when he dropped a couple dope ass web edits. One thing led to another and this southern Ontario kid was put on Stranger and Lotek. We hit him up so Canada could get to know what he’s all about.

Greg Flag’s Birthday

Today’s is Greg’s birthday. Pretty much everyone in Canada knows Greg is the man, have a drink tonight for his birthday, preferably an extra strong rhum and coke. I threw together a bunch of classic Greg pictures for his birthday which play over Greg’s classic song  “The most awesomest song in the world”. Happy birthday …

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Mix Edit

Check out a new mix edit we threw together, featuring Gerorge, JD, Jeff-E, French Luke, Richard, Paul, Ploughman, Dill and Hango. We’ve got a bunch of stuff lined up so keep checking back.