There’s alot of reasons to check this dvd out, the biggest two are canadian pimps Sam Lowe and Greg Henry…

Eli Edit

I know we usually stick to og content on here but once in a while we hook up our homies, Eli Taylor killin it as usual.

iphone Media Day

Following up on the last post I’m going to start my contribution to the site today. I’ll upload any random media from my phone to the site weekly, it could be anything from a picture, a recording or even a full on edit. Here’s post number one with a picture of Mike ”Young Jizzy” Fiset …

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Iphone photo apps

Alot of people have iPhones so we decided to do hook up a few photo apps that are pretty handy to have. The best way to make art photos with your iPhone. Read on.


I know this is random but it’s pretty damn funny, thanks to my cuz Catlin for hooking this up. Is this guy the Antoine Dodson of 2011? Read on for the original version.

It’s monday so you know Roode’s waking up mad. Here’s what he’s mad about this week: “Tip jars in inappropriate places? Like gas stations, theaters cornerstores? What the fuck? You pump your own gas. The only people who should get tipped are bartenders, tattoo artists and waitresses, not waitors.”

Presence Crew @ Taz

We met up with a few dudes from the MTL Presence crew at the TAZ skatepark a few months back and filmed a few clips. Featuring Dillon Lloyd, Greg Flag, Corey Dewey, and Max Vincent.

Mad V.I.P.

The Canadians were holding it down at the fox open house.  Free drinks all night and great company all around.  Stay mad!