Notorious XX

I know music is young Fizzy’s department but Vince Allard hooked this up and it is dope. Who doesn’t like BIG?

Ottawa 2010 edit

Chris Chitaroni sent in this edit of a bunch of Ottawa dudes shredding over 2010. Check it. Were always down for posting contributions so if you have edits, pictures, ideas, anything all, send them in to

Vegas Livin’ Top 5’s with Taylor Elvy

We got the car packed up and hit I-15 to vegas for the weekend. ┬áMet up with the Macneil team and rode some dope spots and sampled the endless nightlife. ┬áCheck out Taylor Elvy’s Top five favorite things to do in vegas after the jump.

“Valentine’s Day. Just cuz we fucked a little while ago… and your lonely cuz it’s valentine’s day, doesn’t mean I’m gonna acknowledge you, you morose bitch. I don’t even remember yo name …