14 Feb

Valentine’s Day. Just cuz we fucked a little while ago… and your lonely cuz it’s valentine’s day, doesn’t mean I’m gonna acknowledge you, you morose bitch. I don’t even remember yo name …

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12 Feb Mike Fiz’ Audio Pop off Mixtape #1

“As my first post here on the embassy I wanted to at least have something tangible for you guys . Im no money making DJ, but I enjoy playing around with songs and making mix-tapes. So I decided to get right at it and create a little something for your mornings,evenings whatever time of day where you have your ipod. It’s nothing too special, just 10 songs I thought really completed one an other.

hope you enjoy this little 38 min creation!

full track listing after the jump!”
Mike Fiz
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09 Feb Eli Edit

I know we usually stick to og content on here but once in a while we hook up our homies, Eli Taylor killin it as usual.

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08 Feb iphone Media Day

Following up on the last post I’m going to start my contribution to the site today. I’ll upload any random media from my phone to the site weekly, it could be anything from a picture, a recording or even a full on edit.

Here’s post number one with a picture of Mike ”Young Jizzy” Fiset using tires as a dancing uniform after enjoying his first FourLoko experience.

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