17 Feb Ottawa 2010 edit

Chris Chitaroni sent in this edit of a bunch of Ottawa dudes shredding over 2010. Check it.

Were always down for posting contributions so if you have edits, pictures, ideas, anything all, send them in to

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If you are well versed in the history of BMX in the Toronto area, the name Patrick Krzyzanowski may sound familiar to you. Over the years he has had parts in numerous different video projects. Nowadays Pat’s primary focus has shifted from riding and filming towards fine art. After finishing his degree at the University of Guelph at the end of 2010, and completing an artist residency program in New York City over the summer, he has relocated to Toronto, where he shares a studio space with a few other artists. He’s been busy working on a series of intensely detailed watercolour paintings depicting wild fantasy wrestling scenes for a solo show in September 2011 at the the ISE Cultural Foundation Gallery in New York City. I wanted to catch up with Pat and he took me for a tour of his studio. Click below to check it out.

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14 Feb

Valentine’s Day. Just cuz we fucked a little while ago… and your lonely cuz it’s valentine’s day, doesn’t mean I’m gonna acknowledge you, you morose bitch. I don’t even remember yo name …

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12 Feb Mike Fiz’ Audio Pop off Mixtape #1

“As my first post here on the embassy I wanted to at least have something tangible for you guys . Im no money making DJ, but I enjoy playing around with songs and making mix-tapes. So I decided to get right at it and create a little something for your mornings,evenings whatever time of day where you have your ipod. It’s nothing too special, just 10 songs I thought really completed one an other.

hope you enjoy this little 38 min creation!

full track listing after the jump!”
Mike Fiz
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