23 Feb Andrew Lazaruk Video

Andrew has been living in Corona California for a while now.  We met up with him at the vault park and put together this quick edit.

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22 Feb Mike Fiz Audio Popoff #2

“For the second instalment of my audio pop off I decided to give you an insight into what I’m actually into these days. Considering that it’s winter, most of us are stuck in subzero temperatures with the only option to ride a packed indoor skatepark or even having no option of riding whatsoever. So we tend to be less active and basically hibernate, thats why this winter I’ve been mostly into dreamy tracks that let you drift off to that place where you’re cruising the streets and sipping a couple brews with friends! Then you look out the window and your Barbecue is under 3 feet of snow…… but thats the harsh reality of things!

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21 Feb Random Photos: Rich Redmond

Everyone in Ontario can enjoy Family Day today, and reminisce when the weather was better. Here Rich Redmond does just that when out in Vancouver last September. Turndown at New Westminster park, and a tiger style vader nose manual behind some industrial complex in Burnaby.

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21 Feb Stay Sad Monday?

“Andy asked his friends months ago if they wanted to go to Notro, they all said no. Weeks later, one of Andy’s friends tell him he’s going (just one person would make the hotel too expensive) so Andy declines. Now on Sunday Feb 19th, Andy finds out all his friends are going!!! So he’s mad!!!! But to be truthful, this mad monday came from a sad sunday.”

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19 Feb Random Photo: Simon Trep

Simon Trepanier has been a big part of bmx in Quebec/Canada forever. Ten years ago he was helping run one of the, if not the only indoor park in the entire province of Quebec (Trois-Rivieres). He rode and killed it at a bunch of metro jams in the am class and continues to kill it to this day. Simon took a trip to Florida in January to escape the Quebec winter and came back with this picture. I can’t imagine a better photo to describe Simon’s riding style than this one; fast, high and stylish. Photo taken by Simon Dravigne

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17 Feb Random quote from G Hen

Greg Hen sent this to over last night about how mad he is:

“I make Roode look like a kitten” G-Hen


****UPDATE**** ROODE responds, he’s mad:

“I’m like the kitten u seen n ur like….. I dunno if I should fuck wit dis kitty, something aint right. Then as the kitty, I mug u n u run away. I’m a kitten not to be fucked wit prrrrrrrreach.” Roode

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