For 2011 we are starting a Road trip feature, most bmxers have been on a road trip at some point or other and if you haven’t, you should definitely start planing one asap. In my opinion, road trips with buddies are a huge part of bmx and are almost always a guaranteed good time. We …

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Jason V photo pimp

Jason Vawter is known as the main man in Vancouver for shooting photos, he’s always down to shoot anyone, anywhere, anytime. Check out a bunch of his dope pics after the jump.

Random Photos: Rich Redmond

Everyone in Ontario can enjoy Family Day today, and reminisce when the weather was better. Here Rich Redmond does just that when out in Vancouver last September. Turndown at New Westminster park, and a tiger style vader nose manual behind some industrial complex in Burnaby.

Stay Sad Monday?

“Andy asked his friends months ago if they wanted to go to Notro, they all said no. Weeks later, one of Andy’s friends tell him he’s going (just one person would make the hotel too expensive) so Andy declines. Now on Sunday Feb 19th, Andy finds out all his friends are going!!! So he’s mad!!!! …

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