We finally did it, Embassy is officially on twitter. Hit us up @NorthernEmbassy . I know, it’s pretty Jeffrey.

Anthem 2

I’ve been wanting to write about this video for over a month now. The film was released some time ago, and although alot of people may have already seen it, the goal of this review is to get those who haven’t, to do so. Part of the problem with writing a review on Anthem 2 …

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Montreal 2010

Here’s an edit I put together with footage I collected over the course of 2010. I did a lot of travelling and filmed for some other projects but this is all the footage I had that didn’t have a home, but I certainly wouldn’t consider it “scrap”.

10Mins with Jeff Evans

The first edit in our 10Mins series, Jeff Evans kills a park in only 10 minutes. Check back for more of these edits, they could be a bunch of banging clips like this one, or just 10 mins of random shit at a random spot or park.