Knee Talk: Chris Henry

After we posted last week’s Chris Henry video, we had some inquiries about the knee brace he was wearing in some of his clips. Knee injuries are frighteningly common in BMX, so we thought we’d let Chris answer some questions and talk about it below.


I’ve been pretty excited to see this DVD for well over a year now. After seeing the first one and hearing about a second one in the works, the wait was on and it was well worth it.

Beal in Barcelona I know we usually stick to OG content on here but once in a while something comes along that is too good to not post up. Cory Beal has been in Europe (UK/Barcelona) the past little while and it looks like he’s been doing some serious shredding. Check out this short edit Adam Blyth …

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Chester Jones photos

Chester Jones is one of the main dudes behind Earth Ramp Bike Parks and takes amazing photos. I seriously can’t remember being more stoked on a photo page in forever. Take 10 minutes out of your day and check out a bunch of amazing photos Chester took here.