22 Mar Beal in Barcelona

I know we usually stick to OG content on here but once in a while something comes along that is too good to not post up. Cory Beal has been in Europe (UK/Barcelona) the past little while and it looks like he’s been doing some serious shredding. Check out this short edit Adam Blyth put together.

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21 Mar Pad Check: Jorden Guth

Wearing helmets and pads is always a personal preference. Some swear by them, some couldn’t care less. Jorden Guth is one person that swears by his pads, and I can’t think of a time that I saw him riding seriously without some gear on. When someone is strong in conviction over something, it’s usually with good reason, and he’s woken up on the flat bottom of a ramp on more than one occasion. I wanted to hear from him why he specifically runs the gear that he does. Click to read more from Joden Guth and his safety gear check.

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17 Mar Video Submission: Shit Clips V1.0

Shit clips started about five years ago when Mike Boag got a hold of a cheap mini dv camera.  From there he just brought the camera along when ever a crew would go out riding and clock a few clips.  Nothing serious just having fun filming some “shit clips” then editing it on windows movie maker.  Not much has changed since those days… Mike is back and equipped with a Gopro and final cut pro. While the vibe of the videos stays the same the production quality is now stepped up.  Check out the new Shit Clips above that was filmed on Mikes’ 9 day southern California vacation and hit us up at if you want to submit your own videos.

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16 Mar Twitter

We finally did it, Embassy is officially on twitter. Hit us up @NorthernEmbassy . I know, it’s pretty Jeffrey.

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15 Mar Chris Henry Edit

We filmed a bunch of clips with Chris Henry over the last little while and put together this short edit. Look for alot of good things from C Hen in 2011.

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