18 Apr An Hour With Gucci Wayne

Heres a little edit of Wayne Hartman killing the winnipeg plaza, We went out for about an hour on this one. If your not familiar with him, get familiar. Heres him over at repset

Filmed and edited by Eric Marshall

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14 Apr Tommy Hains: Head Case

Hip Whip. Photo by Chris Chitaroni.

If you have been riding long enough, chances are high that you have sustained some sort of injury that kept you off your bike for a while. Now what if something kept you off your bike for close to two years, and doctors couldn’t figure out the problem? That was the case for a young Tommy Hains who started to experience seizures suddenly in 2009, which kept him from doing everything that he loved. As a straight A student and gifted young rider, with a number respectable contest placings at amateur contests at the local and national level, he was forced to quit everything in his life as doctors worked to try and explain the seizures he was having and find a way to help him.

Tommy underwent surgery in May of 2010 and has only now been given the OK from doctors to get back in to riding, and from what it seems, it’s as if he never left. I asked Tommy some questions about the ordeal he went through, surgery, how to cope with going stir crazy when you have to give up everything you enjoy doing, and how his life is now. Take a few minutes and keep reading the Tommy Hains interview and check out an edit of his riding that Chris Chitaroni put together.

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Gabe Pitman hooked up this edit of his buddy Serb, all filmed in the lower mainland that is Vancouver, BC. Check it.

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