Fun Sucks: Calgary

The Calgary scene has always been rad, here’s further proof. “a very serious freestyle bicycle motocross video filmed in Calgary: Jay park, Austin Odegnal, Matt Thomas, Richard Gallant, Jon Alden, Chay Nelson and other buds too”

Atlantis BMX Vancouver Spyglass DVD promo

Atlantis Vancouver are back at it again with a new shop DVD “Spyglass”. Featuring the usual suspects (Jordan Hango, Owen Dawson, Carl Arnett , Andrew Schubert , Matt Desson , Wink Grant & Brad Hill) you know it will not disapoint. Grab your copy here¬†

Thomas More edit

Hit play and let this Guelph flat ledge connoisseur slide his way into your heart. Thomas’ riding, mixed with some VX footy accompanied by Mike Dimartinos butter smooth song choice will leave you stoked on the kid. Very nice.


NE contributor, filmer, Halifax resident and all around badass Ian Fleming just hooked up this trailer for Business 2. If you weren’t hyped before (or if instagram keeps you too busy to watch real videos) this should get you hyped for April. This is what it’s all about and this is some of the best …