DVD Review: Demolition Last Chance

I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t sure of this dvd would live up to the hype. The first and second trailer came out amazing, and with the Demolition team lineup, I had high hopes. Let me say this dvd lived up to the hype and then some…

Bobby Hill Photo Pimp

Brad Hill is one of Canada’s main media pimps. Whether he’s filming or flicking, he’s always doing good shit. If there ever was a time to check out his flickr, it’s now. He just uploaded a bunch of dope 35mm pics along with a shit load of amazing older pictures that you should check out …

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Embassy Spring Mix

Embassy spring mix with a bunch of left over/ lost footy featuring Trevor Angelucci, Jeremy Deme, Harrison Boyce, Jaumell Campbell, Andy Roode, Sam Lowe and Ryan Barrett. Spring is here!


“Mad motha fucking monday!!!! Chheeeyyyeeeaaaahhhh so everyones weekends done eh? That’s enough to make everyone mad right ? I don’t have to wrk Monday cuz I’m currently suspended from wrk for one day. Yup that big headed douchebag boss of mine is winning like sheen right now. Fucker.k so this Monday is just a list …