Mad Monday

We didn’t have a mad monday from Rooder or Jaumell to share this week but here’s a re-up of our stay mad vid. ┬áBest part is Jeremy getting taken out by the dumpster. ┬áStay Mad.

Random Photos: Spencer B-L

Spencer Bryant-Longo sent over a bunch of photos with interesting lighting that his cousin Jesse Longo shot of him during some night sessions in Toronto. Click below to check out a few more shots of Spencer and then head over to Jesse’s flickr to see more of his work.

Video Submissions

Check out some dope Videos that were submitted to us after the jump. Featuring Jordan Hango, Dave Hawthorne, Kyle Sketch comeback (Boston Pizza+Mcdicks+his girl) and Ryan Eles. Thanks to everyone that sent some shit in.

Mad Monday

“Hey hey hey peoples !!! Mad Monday soo here’s the scoop. This ones about my homie who will remain nameless so that we stay friends. K soo having some wobble pops wit the boys on sat. Homie brings up the fact that he wants to bang this chic out. Soo I hate this girl, honestly …

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