27 May Spot Check: The Big-O Mini

Montreal has a lot of good spots, amongst these spots lays the world famous Big-O. The Big-O mini has seen alot of shredding over the years, it only takes one carve through the mini’s tight trannies to realize how ridiculous some of the things that have been done there really are. Whether it was Van Homan’s double peg on the fence (seen his 2001 Parts section) or Dillon Lloyd’s flair in 2009, alot of good shit has been done at the Big O mini.

The Big O mini was originally built as an entrance tunnel for athletes at the 1976 Olympics and has been around since. The Pipe was threatened with destruction in the summer of 2006 by the Montreal Impact soccer team’s new stadium, however skaters who have been skating the mini for over a decade fought hard to keep it alive and it is still standing. The soccer team organization agreed to leave the pipe there so long as they could use it as a secondary entrance during games.

Mike Fiz – Luc E    Picture by Alex Ji

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27 May Texas Toast Jam

I haven’t been as stoked on a bmx event/ jam as I am for this in a very long time. How fun does this look? A gauntlet, trails, curved wall, flat rail and a bunch more stuff, sounds like a real good time. Props to Odyssey for doing this, you know they put a shit load of work into it. We need an event/jam like this to become a yearly event in Canada. Check here for all the details/news.

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Mike Cardin snapped this quick barspin photo of Jake Montgomery while out in Quebec. Jake is traveling the country like a nomad this summer, so if you see a soft spoken, helmeted rider on a red bike in your city, show him some hospitality.

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25 May Throwback: Mitch Anderson 09

My biggest issue with web edits today is how quickly we can put them behind us. With hundreds of new edits every week, if not every day, it’s very easy to forget what we watched yesterday, last week, months or years ago. Throwback edits will be a way to bring back edits that deserve a second time to shine.

The above edit was the first Brodie Gwilliam made edit I ever saw, it was also at a time where DSLR video was just starting to hit bmx. The colors, depth of field and slo mo’s really stood out at the time, and still look sick today, plus Mitch Anderson shreds. Check out Mitch Anderson Fall 09 filmed and edited by Brodie Gwilliam. Straight out of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

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24 May 6 clips with Carl Prettyman

Canadian immigrant, English man Carl Prettyman kills it for a little embassy edit, beside the rain, wind, and cold weather the day was fun. Lots more coming from this lad soon. stay tuned

Filmed and edited my Eric Marshall

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24 May Mad Monday

We didn’t have a mad monday from Rooder or Jaumell to share this week but here’s a re-up of our stay mad vid.  Best part is Jeremy getting taken out by the dumpster.  Stay Mad.

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