16 Jan You Betcha

Winnipeg Local Matt Perrin sent this awesome joint through.

“- Weekend in the Twin Cities –
Harvey Walker
Charles Darroch
Colin Thiessen
Josh Clarke
Matt Perrin
Film/Edit: Rahlin Rigsby
Photography : Harvey Walker & Rahlin Rigsby
Winnipeg Manitoba, CA – Hull City, UK – Yorksire, UK”

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15 Jan Joel Fortin for Merritt

There’s a few things you can count on every winter in Canada; the geese to fly south, snow and cold ass weather (or rain in Vancouver), hockey to be a major pass time for most Canadians and also for Joel Fortin to drop some serious heat from what he’s been filming up til winter. This edit is no exception, filmed over the course or 2017 in Toronto, Montreal, Buffalo and Barrie. Joel can slay a rail and I couldn’t imagine that last clip being any more perfect.

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12 Jan Against the Grain – DIG x BSD

This is awesome! Our dude Justin Hughes set out on a road trip through Israel last year with Sar Levi, Alon Kosoy and Boris Choumakov. They filmed a ton of amazing clips and all those spots look insane!

Documented by Jonny Ashworth and Olly Geary.

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12 Jan Mike Gray – Haro 2018

WOW Mike and Doeby did it again! Some seriously heavy duty setups in here. They have a ton of Toronto/GTA footage which is rad to see! Watch this and then watch it again.

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12 Jan Indah Street 2017

Shaun Harrison sent through this awesome mixtape that he filmed in Edmonton throughout 2017. Everyone’s got some fire clips so press play!

ft. Zach Coutu, Teddy Bambrick, Kolbi Watier, Brad Chambers, Chase Davidson, Tommy Tan, Jasper Mclean, Clayton Gibson, Tyler Horness, Kyle Lafleur, Shaun Harrison, Derek Bolz, Roberto Ouwens, Duke Thompson-Kurz.

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10 Jan Perception

Ian Peters sent through this awesome video that him and his crew have been working on for last couple summers. Tons of fire clips in this so give it a watch!

“PERCEPTION is a bmx video filmed in Southern Manitoba, Winnipeg & Vancouver over the course of two years. It involved over 10,000 kilometres of travelling and the hard work of many individuals with the same vision in mind. Many memories were made and many battles were won and lost along the way and what you see here is the end result. Thanks to everyone that helped out and made this a reality.”

Hayden Mills/Tysan Bailey/Mitch Friesen/Ian Peters/Graham Mccallum/Shawn Franz/Matt Perrin

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