Author: Sean Cooke

07 Aug 5 Clips with Dillon Lloyd

One day while out riding street in Vancouver we stumbled across a pile of mulch that looked like it could be ridden a little and sure enough Dill surprised everyone with a load of tricks thrown over the mulch.

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14 Feb Open Liquor Winter Mix 2011/2012

Here’s an edit that Dan Buchanan threw together from two indoor sessions, one on Drew B’s ramp in Truro, NS and one at the Menzie Ranch in Wood Islands, PEI.

Good to see my boys back east on bikes and staying warm.

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04 Sep 5 Clips with Dave Scott

While I was visiting the east coast I met up with Dave Scott at the Commons skatepark in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We had a good session and whipped up this 5 Clip Edit.

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31 Aug Charlottetown Edit

The thing I love most about BMX is travelling and meeting new people, but on the other hand it’s always awesome to travel back to my hometown and ride all the old spots with my friends. Most of the original crew has moved away now but there were still a couple fellas left in town and ready for a session. I was able to hit up two parks for two different sessions, the classic Charlottetown park and the new bowl in Summerside.

Riders Include: Fred Rodriquez, Sean Cooke, Ryan Merry and Chris Menzie

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28 Jun Joyride 150 Session

I’m real late on posting this one but better late than never. As most know the Notro Jam in Toronto is a huge event every year. Some of the best Pro’s in the world travel far and wide to compete in the contest. But there is another side of that weekend that doesn’t get the shine the contest does, but I’m sure most enjoy more and that’s the nightlife/chill sessions that are always present. It’s always great to get a bunch of like-minded individuals together who don’t necessarily know each other and after a session or a couple beers everyone is good friends.

This edit is from one session at the Joyride 150 Skatepark. Dudes from all over the country showed up to session the park and it turned out to be a great time. I’d like to thank the guys at Joyride for opening the park up early and espiecally Harley Haskett for making sure everyone got in and things ran smoothly.

I hope Notro next year is the best year yet, hope to see everyone there.

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08 Jun Montreal Indoor 2011

Montreal is lucky enough to have two indoor skateparks to help make the winter go by quicker. Here is footage from a couple of those sessions featuring a bunch of Montreal locals.

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