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04 Apr BMX INSPIRED BY SPRING – Mitch Radcliffe

“MITCH RADCLIFFE and the CLASSIC CREW present a new spring inspired BMX video filmed completely during march 2016 in London ON (one clip is filmed in Nashville, TN). With crayon drawings as the main source of this videos graphics and the smooth summery warm chords of “Heavens on Fire” by The Radio Dept. accompanying the silky style of Meech as he gracefully destroys every set up in his path with a giant smile on his face and wonder in his eyes. “I wanted to do something a little different with this video I have been stacking clips for my Classic dvd section for just over a year now and have already come up with around 20 minutes of footage to pick through with 2 years left on the project timeline. Needless to say I felt I had some time to change my focus for a short detour. I though it would be fun to see what kind of edit i could film in a month so I started filming two or 3 fun things every session that I had and then once i filled the timeline I stopped. Its refreshing to be able to share something new that I’m stoked on and had way too much fun making with my BMX brothers , family and friends. I included some behind the scenes footage with a monologue I wrote as a reminder of the things I feel while riding and an attempt to give some small glimpse of that to the outside world. Hopefully you are inspired by this video to go out and ride your city right after you finish reading this sentence!” – Mitch Radcliffe

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31 Mar pupils

We’ve been looking forward to this one since the T Sweet interview. Featuring Owen Dawson, Kyle White, Chad Ferch, Dylan Cross, Derek Morgan, Tristan Sweet, Drew Morton, Joel Dykstra and Adam Piatek, documented through the keen eye of Tristan Sweet, this does not disappoint. Take a look at the up and coming generation of Vancouver riders and you’ll like what you see.

“no object is mysterious, the mystery is within your eye” Pupils

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18 Mar Brad Hill – Big Rock Candy Mountain

It seems Brad Hill is always working on cool stuff. NE has always focused on BMX in Canada but we also enjoy seeing how talented Canadian BMXers are off their bikes, not to mention a few of us are video/photo nerds. We also love this beautifully country, from Niagara Falls, ON to Deep Cove, BC, Brad captures some really awesome Canadian scenery via super 8 film. To the voice of fellow rider Josh Lichti, covering Big Rock Candy Mountain.

Name the BMX dvd which this song is in and win instant social media fame.

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18 Mar Kevin Fabregue – BMX 2016

Here’s a new one from Montreal’s Kevin Fabregue dropping a bunch of heat between Le Taz and Joyride 150. Kevin has been hitting the contest scenes across the globe for a little bit now and this video showcases a bunch of bangers from his ever growing bag of barspins and tailwhip combinations.

Filmed/Edited by Vlad Poloukhine

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17 Mar TBT- Jeff Evans Hiatus

Before you young bucks say or think “another old edit” consider the fact that this was filmed inĀ  2004/2005. A time where not too many, if any riders were doing wallrides to whip, opo feebs hard 180s, opo feebs to whip, pegs to hard, amongst other things. Re live Jetty’s glory days in this one and see how ahead of his time he truly was.

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