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19 May BMXFU X Northern EMbassy Camping shirts


Over the years we’ve had some limited but memorable clothing runs. We’ve been wanting to do a collab with BMXFU forever and the stars aligned to create this beauty of a shirt.

This shirt represents some of the best things that come hand in hand with BMX, being outside, exploring unknowns, camping with buds and so much more. To be fair the dudes at BMXFU did all of the work but we couldn’t be happier with how they turned out! Support the homies and grab a shirt while they still have some, grab a hat, a pin, some wax or whatever else you might need knowing every penny you spend is going back to them riders at BMXFU. Click here to cop one
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13 May VisionQuest | BMX Trailer 1

2016 is going to be a big year for full lengths! This one came out of nowhere but is definitely exciting, the Kingston,ON squad are putting together their first full length and it looks like it’s going to be banging.

“Filmed mostly in Kingston Ontario, VisionQuest is a street based full length BMX video due out at the end of summer. Be on the look out for more metal pegs and prayers to the BMX gods…
Riders include: Ryan Wright, Landon Barnes, Kyle Northmore, Dylan Parson, Todd Mcnair, Sam Gordon, John Corkum, Trevor Kirby, Justin Beatty, plus whoever I catch in my lens!
Film&Edit: Landon Barnes
Camera: Canon Gl2”

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