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08 Jul History: Spots/terrain

As BMXers we travel countless KMs to ride new spots, parks and trails. Our girlfriends and non riding friends have to endure our stopping and scoping of spots when they have absolutely no idea what or why we are looking at these things. We know/knew that a family summer vacation is also scoping new spots along the way and hopefully bringing your bike along (if you’re parents are that cool).

Although we look at cities and architecture in a much different way than those who don’t ride, an interesting and scary thought is to imagine if these things did not exist. Imagine if handrails were never made to help people down stairs. Imagine if cement/ asphalt was not across our cities but rather gravel and grass (@rodeopeanut). Imagine what’s to come which we have not yet seen.

Here are some interesting dates and history on some terrain we ride and maybe take for granted today.
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07 Jul #TBT Dillon Lloyd – Eclat Pro

This Dillon Lloyd era was a little more leanz and a little less gainz. He was loving SD footage, living in Van and then Cali, chose a non rap song, still rocking a cassette hub, 2-3 pegs, the early Dill days really. The only thing that hasn’t changed from then to now is how ridiculous every clip in this is, especially his last truck.

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06 Jul “Montreal Olympic Stadium is basically a skatepark”


“The Montreal Olympic Stadium is basically a skatepark”. How many times have you heard someone say that? It’s truly is an incredible and legendary Canadian spot with burly, technical and all sorts of awesome stuff to ride.

It seems there are plans to now transform part of it into a skatepark. $750,000 doesn’t go too far in terms of a skatepark but it should be interesting to see what happens.

Does this mean the stadium is no longer considered a street spot? What are you thoughts?

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05 Jul LOST ON AN ISLAND – Rayden Wickop

Street mixtape that Rayden Wickop put together with the BMX scene out on Vancouver Island. They’ve got an insane scene with a ton of amazing spots, check it out and make sure you stick around til the end for one gigantic 180 double barspin.

Riders; Garrett Bell (16 fucking years old) , Trent Krog (15 years old) , Griffen Jepson (15 years old), then, Tyler Mckinstry, Jesse Hetherington, Regan Miller, Austin Baillie, Rayden Wickop, Tristan Sweet, Nathan Hines, Adam Piatek. Filmed on Vancouver Island.

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28 Jun USA Tripin in LUXURY

May 14th, 2016:  Fresh across the border, none of us could believe me made it across, with no issues in an 1983 converted school bus with 4 BMX bikes on the back.

May 15th:  Lake Anita state park in Iowa, we set up and cooked some good food to fuel us for the long drive ahead of us the next day.

May 18th:  Denver Colorado, we met some awesome local dudes and the showed us some dope spots. Austin Karker was getting some good height on this rare natural half loop.

May 22nd:  Salt Lake City Utah, hit a small skate park up and it rained a bit but it ended up turning out ok and we got a couple clips in the streets.

May 23rd: Salt Lake City, On our way to Reno Nevada we seen this lake and had to stop. It was just amazing to see.

May 25th: San Francisco California, Rolling across the Golden Bridge, it felt really good to finally make it to California after a long drive and a couple problems with the bus.

May 26th: Mat Stiehl throwing the bars with a nice background before we rode up ever hilling San Francisco

May 29th: Los Angeles California, Austin Karker getting some air in a ditch we were cruising through.

June 1st: Los Angeles California, we all put some work in on this famous LA spot and end up with some good clips.

June 4th: Venice Beach California, some good times cruising around enjoying the beautiful weather and beautiful women.

June 5th: Long Beach California, last day in Cali Austin grabbed this 180 tree bonk over the rail before we made the journey to Las Vegas.

What an unbelievable experience this trip was with a bunch of great humans. 2 broken brake lines, 1 burnt out fuse, 1 burnt one head light, 1 broke wiper blade, 1 broken passenger seat, 4 liters of extra motor oil and one messed up radiator but the bus made it home and so did we, 10600km later.

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