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Tsawwassen BC’s Braeden Barnard is a dude who makes shit happen. Spending some time in Mexico last winter he build la Granja. If you’ve ever had some interest in quick-creting or building some tranny out of concrete, you’ll enjoy this video.

“Do It Yourself BMX project. Built and funded by BMX riders with curvature research. Designed for minimal cost and high re-usability. Steel box tubing is bent to the desired radius to create the perfect contact surface for ramp curvature. Two tubes strategically placed and re-used multiple times lays out flat faces. Fill in corners with radius trowel . Set the decks on and round out the tops. Pour in the Flat bottoms and you’re done.”

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09 Oct VISA VACATION – Kerr Bilsland

A bunch of rad Vancouver and Victoria, BC locals in this one. “Sometimes immigrant problems aren’t all bad.” Kerr Bilsland

Riders: Thomas Arden, Jordan Fair, Chance Campbell, Jordan Hango, Jesse Hildebrandt, Evan Farmer, Riley McMaster and Jason Teet.

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07 Oct NE Hidden Gems – 6th to 10th Place

Thanks for being patient with us on announcing these, below are sixth place through tenth place. The judges had their work cut out for them (thanks again to Dillon Lloyd, Mike Gray, Brandon Webster and Jason Enns), and here’s the proof. All 5 of these edits are amazing and could have easily won, every one of these guys put in work and it shows. Stay tuned for top 5 soon…

6th Mitch Radcliffe – Mitch has a rad all around style, he charges shit but also get tech (that 180 ice 180 is so smooth). Mix Mitch’s amazing riding with some awesome filming/editing and you get this amazing edit that just missed making top 5. Burly ass bangers at the end as well!

7th Drew Wood – Drew has that steezy style that most of us wish we had; his whips are almost as steezy as Dehart’s and he kills it throughout this part. Drew even had to do some landscaping to get that curved wallride done.

8th Kalvin Sexsmith – Mix Kalvin’s crazy riding with his amazing backyard bowl and likely the most legendary trails in Canada and you get one hell of a watch. Kelsey Clarke did an amazing job filming and editing this, enjoyed every second of this one.

9th Francis La – Francis has never put something together that hasn’t been a good watch and this part is no exception. Lots of creative riding and spots throughout, he may very well be the first rider to nose wheelie 180 rolling down stairs, another great Francis La part.

10th Jason Kearnan – Jason tears his local park of Courtice a new one. So much amazing riding in this one and an awesome summer vibe at your local part throughout. Filmed and edited perfectly by Kyle Smail.





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07 Oct 2014/2015 NHL Hockey Pool


A couple winters ago we hosted an Northern Embassy hockey pool. We’ve had a few people ask to do one again this year, we’ve created a yahoo pool but it’s not quite as simple as the old CBC pool. There needs to be a draft so if you are interested in joining please comment here or email us ( asap with your email address so we can add you to the pool. As much as winter is brutal, the new season is only two days away!!

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03 Oct UP NORTH JAM – October 18th in Cannington, ON

Up North Jam going down October 18th at Cannington, ON/Bunkland skatepark. One of the most interesting/ unique parks you’ll ever ride, make the trip for a good time! Click the event on facebook for more details. In case of rain, Sunday October 19th will be the back up day. Brought to you by 3Ride Toronto, NE, Eclat, Repset and Sleek apparel.

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Nintendo intro, a lot of sick street and park riding and an overall amazing vibe, the Jab tape is whatsup. “The Jabtape is a collection of skatepark scraps, street jibs, and some bangers curated throughout 2014 in Vancouver, Burnaby, Gibsons, Portland, and California. Featuring Nik Muryn, Joel Dykstra, Kyle White, Tristan Sweet.”

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29 Sep NE Hidden Gems Contest – Non Finalists

Trust me when I say that the judges had a very difficult task in judging this contest. We received 18 amazing edits, and although these 8 didn’t quite make the cut, they are all awesome in they’re own way. BMX isn’t and shouldn’t be a contest. That may sound weird considering that this was a contest but in reality it’s more of a motivator, an event to get people to document the amazing times that you have on a BMX. As corny as it may sound all 18 of the edits we received are winners.

Another big thanks to our sponsors: Odyssey, Etnies, Eclat, We the People, MacNeil, Fiend, Merritt, Gopro, BMX Gallery 4130, Repset, Federal, Sunday bikes and Joyride 150.

Above is Thetford Mines, QC’s Joel Rodrigue. Joel has been shredding all summer and making his way to Montreal and Quebec city events. Joel has a dialed street style and can throw the bars like nobody’s business.

Read on for the other 7 edits (in no particular order) and check back soon for the top 10.

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