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20 Nov 4 year anniversary – TBT early days


It’s hard to believe but this week marks our 4 year anniversary. Although that may not seem like a long time, 1,365 posts and over 200 edits later, to us it feels like forever. This site would not exist without all of our contributors, a huge thanks goes to all the homies who have created a feature or features, edits, ideas, logos, or even just sent us a link to an edit. There’s too many to name but you know who you are! A huge thank you goes out to BMX Gallery 4130 who have supported NE since the beginning and also to Etnies/Timebomb who have also supported the site and all of our contests for many years now. This site would also not exist without the support of you guys, riders across Canada, thank you for checking this site out!

We hate to ask, but if you enjoy this site please share this post with a link to our FB page and/or insta page.

BMX in Canada is bigger and better than ever today, we look forward to many more years to come.

To celebrate 4 years, and the fact that it’s TBT, here’s a look at a few of our earliest edits that we had been saving for the official NE launch.

Papa Matt Desson is one of those dudes who can film an edit in days, and that’s pretty much how this edit started. Some igloo clips, Woodyard and street clips, this was one of our first and Matt put in work for it.

Your favorite street rider’s favorite rider, Corey Dewey put in tons of work for the Ten Pack DVD in 2010. So much that Sean Cooke had this much left over footage and this edit/ interview fell into place. Dewey is and has always been a big hockey/Habs fan and is also a super serious dude so the song seemed like a solid choice.

Edmonton’s Mike Boag has been one of Canada’s hidden gems for years. Mike’s a super well rounded rider who’s been killing it forever, this was filmed by Taylor Elvy and edited by Luke Santucci.

This one kind of just fell into place while filming Desson’s edit. Hango’s first time ever riding the Woodyard but you’d never know it. The wallride to table he does near the end of the edit is opo slanted, it’s hard to explain but essentially it doesn’t really make sense to wallride, nevermind wallride to table. Hango can make anything work.

We could have posted many more edits but here’s a few other really early NE edits if you’ve got the time/wintertime blues: Ghetto mansionJames Steele, Jaumell vs Luke game of Bike, beer pong with Luke

Thanks for your continued support, big things to come!

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11 Nov MacNeil X Wheelies Sick As Hell-O-Ween Jam 2014

“Huge thanks to all of the riders who came out to have some fun and get weird at our second annual Sick As Hell-O-Ween Jam at Railside park in Port Coquitlam. Everyone had a great time thanks to the weather and Wheelies BMX Shop for kicking in some additional obstacles and prizes. See you next year!”

Filmed and edited by Zach Rampen.

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10 Nov Braden Beck – 2014

Braden Beck is a freecoasting tech wizard who had an amazing part in Brodie Gwilliam’s Let’s Get Fistical (which you can watch here) and he’s back at it with this awesome 2014 edit.

“Filmed over the course of the fall in Saskatoon and Edmonton. Huge thanks to all the hours of filming by Kelly Bragg and everyone else that helped out.”

Filmed by: Kelly Bragg
Additional Camera holding: Jared Chilko, Peter Olson
Song: “Castles Made Of Sand” Jimi Hendrix

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07 Nov Setups – DWOK/Mason Gray


What’s the full DWOK camera setup?

I’m using the good old Sony Vx2100, got a mk1 Death Lens and a random light my brother Owen & Dad hooked up, thanks for dat guys. I have a old Minolta x-7a I use to shoot photos with, it hasn’t been touched in a minute though. Gonna try to get out more with that, film photos are tight. 

Why SD over HD?

Just has a classic feel, you can’t beat the warmth & colours that a VX brings. Ask any of the homies, I fucking love vx colours haha. HD can look good but I don’t ever wanna fuck with it, maybe second angles in 4:3 if I gotta but it’s just not my cup of tea. Charliecrum, Tommy Blanco & The 90east dudes make it look good though,  just to name a few off the top of my head. 

Who are the main DWOK filmers or does everyone spend time behind the lens?

We’re pretty lucky that we have 3 dudes who own cameras. Dallas Davis, myself & Jack Leonard all have an SD setup. Jack moved away to Oshawa so Dallas and I have been holding it down lately. Eli can definitely handle himself behind a camera too, which helps out a ton. Dallas also carries around his HD picture device and holds down the photos along with the homies Mitch Oud & Parker. 

What are you guys currently working on and when will it be dropping?

We’ve been steadily filming for a second full-length since the Mixtape dropped last spring, and we’re trying to make it something we’re all satisfied with. There isn’t really a due date for that yet, but we’re gonna have a pretty lengthy promo dropping sometime soon. 

Any new guys who really stepped up for this one?

Dallas Davis. Dude is stupid good, he can do everything he can do regular just as good as he can switch, and it’s usually first try. His footage in the promo is about to drop some fuckin’ jaws. 
Tyler Maass too, he’s been the homie forever. Eli & him lived together at the first DWOK house & he was a crazy good, sponsored Downhill Mountainbike racer at the time. One day we were all hanging out & his bike got stolen in true Houdini fashion, so Eli & some of the other dudes set up him with a BMX and he’s been doing the craziest shit ever since. He has so much drive to jump off crazy shit and go the speed of light at it, I seriously don’t get it. Moshi kills it. 

How many roofs did Eli climb this summer?

I honestly couldn’t give you a number, that boy has a death wish. I usually hate filming with Eli because it’s usually something fucked, with a high chance of him splatting on the pavement. He tried 14 times to do something on a setup you actually couldn’t pay me to straight ride off once. He took out 3 of our front wheels too in the process. His footage is gonna blow minds, Eli is seriously on another level. 

Any tips for up an coming filmers/pole jammers?  

Watch good videos to understand how good filming looks, and just get out with your homies and try it out, shitty filming is sometimes tight.   No advice for polejams though, just eat shit repeatedly until you figure it out hahah. 
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04 Nov La Cribs Promo

Our friends at La Cribs in Terrebonne, QC put together this rad promo featuring Kevin Ouimet, Max Bley, Maxime Gagnon and Vincent Blain shredding the Terrebonne plaza and surrounding street.

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03 Nov Island Woods – RIP

“Last week we got very disheartening news that our trail spot was getting demolished. We have been working on these jumps for the last two years and finally got them somewhat running. The clips in this video are from our few sessions over the last couple of months.
To anyone who understands how much work goes into a spot like this will understand how disappointing it is when you get news like this. It amazes me how in countries like Canada it is so hard to persue the sport we are all so passionate about. Everyone claims to be so open minded and says it’s great when you go chase your passions. Sure doesn’t feel that way when multiple spots have gotten plowed and everywhere you go we get kicked out of spots and even parks.
Even with shit news like this we will keep trying to open minds and grow the scene here in Lethbridge. Hopefully one day the city will let us have a spot to build and ride. Keep on givenr’

Enjoy the video because it’s the last you’ll see from this amazing spot.” Eddie Dyck

Riders : Scott, Garth, Vince”


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