Author: Cory Beal

05 Jan Brad Hill’s new photo-book ‘SETS 2’ on sale now.


It’s always a pleasure seeing quality work emerge from Canada’s BMX scene, and Brad Hill has been making moves recently. His newest collection of photos from Vancouver are available for purchase now in a nice little perfect-bound package.

Buy one here for only $5 (with free shipping) and get a nice little slice of Bobby’s work into your hands. That’s a steal.

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After the great BMX exile that took place in Winnipeg this summer, the (cool) members of the REPSET Mansion unanimously decided that we would have to meet in Las Vegas for New Years Eve and get fucked up one last time before another inevitable hangout-hiatus. Myself, Eric Marshall, James McNabb, and Dave Mcnabb all flew out of our respective airports and met in Nevada’s party capital to get loose for a week straight. Fortunately, our trip lined up with Brad Hill (a veteran BMXFU representative)’s excursion, and we got to spend a night or two with Marc Boudreau and Jeff Bedard. It was a recipe for disaster, so we grabbed some disposable cameras to take some pictures of some shit we’d probably regret later – for your viewing pleasure, of course.

The disposable cameras were Eric Marshall‘s idea (he was also behind the lens for the majority of these photos), and they came out great. Enjoy.

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