Author: Corey Dewey

13 Aug Random iPhone Media : UAB Memorial

” DON’T BREAK THE RAMPS !!! ” If you rode UAB skatepark in MTL on a regular basis or were just there on a night when someone was trying a trick that took several tries, you got to hear Jason yell his famous words of encouragement at whoever was trying to land their trick. STAY MAD X Quintin hats are the perfect piece of apparel for Jay.

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08 Mar Random iphone media

Went down to TO for the Notro Jam this weekend, had a blast and caught this photo of homies Wayne Hartman and Harley Haskett reppin Embassy at Sneaky Dee’s, all while ordering a few too many tequila shots. On a side note, one of our friends from Toronto actually thought that was a picture Wesley Snipes on the sticker…

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08 Feb iphone Media Day

Following up on the last post I’m going to start my contribution to the site today. I’ll upload any random media from my phone to the site weekly, it could be anything from a picture, a recording or even a full on edit.

Here’s post number one with a picture of Mike ”Young Jizzy” Fiset using tires as a dancing uniform after enjoying his first FourLoko experience.

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