Author: Aaron Gates

15 Oct Danny Cox

Danny Cox is a Calgary legend. This video came up on BMXboard recently and it’s too good not to share. I have no idea where this guy is today, but last I heard he was riding road bikes across continents. Ten years ago he was crankflipping, cranksliding and pushing the boundaries of the GT Snowracer.

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14 Oct Embassy Montana – Part 3

Hango by Ridgeway.

Today’s post is the longest of the series, but it’s awesome. Ridgeway sent over a four page long paragraph detailing the ins and outs of our trip and we’ve gathered a bunch of photos and four or five short edits to go along with the spots that we visited.



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07 Oct Embassy Montana – Part 1

In July, eight of us took a trip to explore the open skies and amazing concrete parks of Montana. It was a trip I’d been wanting to make for years, and I was fortunate to share it with some of the best riders in Canada. Legendary Alaskan David Clay also jumped on the trip three days before it started (“I just bought some guns, but I think I can drop $500 on a plane ticket”). We came home with a ton of content and decided to put together a micro-site dedicated to our adventure. We hope to give you a sense of the people we met and places we visited along the way.

We’ll be releasing the site in four parts on Sundays and Wednesdays over the next two weeks. It will have a permanent home here. First up is a gallery of photos from Mat Ridgeway’s disposable camera, along with some of the stories that accompany them.


Clockwise from top left: Jordan Hango, David Clay, Slade Scherer, Mat Ridgeway, Ty Scott, Aaron Gates, Andrew Lazaruk, Kurt Murseli.

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24 Sep GM Mansion Video

These guys don’t go out and film high definition web videos, they ride more than anyone I know and they probably filmed this on a handycam. Every once in a while there’s a big GM footage dump, and it’s always amazing. This one seems to span the last year or so.

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