Author: Aaron Gates

23 Dec Indoor Blues

Colby Knowler sent this one over from Victoria. I met Colby a few years ago in Whitehorse (where he grew up) and he was awesome enough to show us some of Canada’s Northernmost spots, including what I think was a miniramp built by Ben MacPherson.

Spencer Wilson and I riding at Onesix Boardshop in Victoria, BC to fight off the winter blues. Edited by Spencer Wilson. Support your local shop! -Colby Knowler

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08 Dec Jason Enns – Heroes and Madmen

Ever wonder what Jason Enns doing switch-footed rocket icepicks on a miniramp would look like? You’re in luck.

Allied was a relatively short-lived company founded by Steve Inge, who also started Poor Boy, Mutiny, and the indoor skatepark from the Jomo Pro contests. I had no idea that Enns had a section in this, but it’s pretty awesome. There are lots of clips from Bear Creek when it was a cutting edge outdoor park, and what I think I recognize as Winnipeg street spots. How rad were Basic Whammy Bars?

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30 Nov Cult – Talk is Cheap: Review

This is a slight departure from Canadian content, but since I have the advantage of getting it first (by virtue of living a few hours across the border) I’ll post a few things I liked about this video before it lands in Canada.

Spots. I love the abundance of East Coast spots in Talk is Cheap. They have a look to them that works really well with street footage, and there’s a great mix of recognizable classics and new finds.

“It has the vibe of like, Endless Summer.” (That was my wife’s review…. I bet the Cult guys would be stoked on that.)

Alex Kennedy. This one was a surprise to me. He does a bunch of combos I’ve never seen before and he makes everything look really good.

Editing/Music choice. Riding videos have a tendency to turn into a barrage of fast paced clips an sections. Navaz slows things down a bit an lets a bunch of clips run long. This adds an authentic feel to the video, and it fits really well with the eclectic and generally low-key music choices.

Dakota Roche’s behemouth of a nine minute section. This was always going to be an amazing section. It’s pretty clear that both Navaz and Dakota were commited to making this section one of the best in recent memory.

Most people won’t need convincing to pick this one up, but get stoked, this is one for the ages.

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22 Nov Thursday Thanksgiving Throwback

As I watched BMX videos instead of football in America today, I came across this edit of two successive weekend trips in 2010. The first weekend was spent in the Kootenays and the second in Seattle. Together they featured attempts at riding in the woods, camping in the middle of nowhere, a brief appearance from Street Lazer, and George Bolter (among others) kicking ass at bike riding.

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16 Nov An Ode to Dave Osato

Let’s talk about Dave Osato. If there ever was a guy who was ahead of his time, it was Osato. Dave came from a generation of ramp riders with front brakes and full pads, but his influence had much wider scope than that. I’d be willing to bet that most people don’t even think about some of the ways he’s pushed different aspects of riding, so I’ve scoured Youtube for some poorly compressed old footage and compiled a simple list.

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29 Oct Karl Engstrom in 807 – Let’s Get Our War On

Around 2001 a guy named Jon Bot moved to Kelowna. He stayed for about six months, we went on a couple of trips and then he left for Australia. While he was in town, Jon showed us a video full of raw footage from Kenora, Ontario. The video included a guy on a Blue Schwinn complete who did tricks I’d never seen done and a bunch of big gaps and rails. Some of those clips ended up in the last part of the 807 video, which is one of the best Canadian scene videos ever. Karl Engstrom had the ender; it was awesome in 2003, and it still holds up today.

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21 Oct Ladyhawk – No Can Do

Ladyhawk took four years off and after a few years of prolific side projects (SPORTS, Duffy and the Doubters, Baptists etc.) they pulled the band back together to quietly record this banger of an album. I’ll spare you all the long windedness of a typical album review and just say this – the album is awesome, the whole thing is streaming here, they’re on tour right now with Baby Eagle (Kelowna tonight) and they finish up at the Biltmore November 1st with Shotgun Jimmie.

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