Author: Aaron Gates

16 Jun Jordan Hango in Blazeguard

John Thompson just posted Jordan’s Blazeguard section online, which is something that’s been a long time coming. From a young age, Jordan has been one of the most naturally talented riders in Canada. His focus has never seemed to be on getting coverage or attention and although that’s awesome, it’s meant that most people have no idea what he’s capable of. Seeing this part come together with the combination of Jordan’s riding and JT’s considerable talent behind the lens was an absolute treat.

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11 Jun Summer Edits – Rick Nicholls/Colby Knowler

Rick Nicholls is a pilot who lives in the woods, and man is that awesome. This edit is from an early summer session at New West and features an great track by Jon-Rae and the River.

Colby Knowler is from Whitehorse and after finishing up the year at UVic he hit the road and sessioned a bunch of parks between Victoria and Edmonton. He dropped this edit from Golden midway through the trip.

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21 May Labour Day Five Clip

This is the kind of five clip edit you make when you’re old and you have kids. This past Labor Day, I met up with some of the guys I grew up riding with and we had a quick session at the Penticton skatepark. We all started riding together about fifteen years ago, grew up, moved to different countries and stayed in touch. BMX is awesome for that.

The Embassy x Etnies five clip contest is still running through June 1st. Send your entries to

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02 May Riding the Long White Cloud

This is a different story about Canadians traveling, riding bikes, and hitting up awesome skateparks. Riding the Long White Cloud was a documentary about a bunch of pro skaters (including Chris Haslam, Keegan Sauder, and Rick McCrank) riding road bikes around New Zealand and skating along the way. It’s a nice reminder that Fuel TV occasionally does something great, and it looks like an amzing adventure.

Having done a similar trip years ago, this is no walk in the park. They covered a lot of ground in 12 days, and the weather is not always cooperative over there. The parks in New Zealand are unique, and really fit well with the spirit of the trip.

Even with the pretentious narrative, this video manages to create a cohesive theme and go beyond the traditional road trip/road trip video (which is typically just kind of random). It reminds me of videos like Take it or Leave it and the T1 web videos in that it has something holding it together.

Summer is almost here. I’m planning a road trip. Are you?

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31 Mar Carts of Darkness

Carts of Darkness by Murray Siple, National Film Board of Canada

For those who haven’t seen it, Carts of Darkness is a documentary about a group of homeless guys in North Van who bomb hills on shopping carts. It’s a great combination of entertaining gnarly stuff and serious subject matter. And it has a badass soundtrack. I was thinking about this film today for some reason, and though it was worth a post.

Carts of Darkness also has a loose BMX connection through one of the guys behind the lens. Mike McKinlay worked as a videographer on the film – If that name sounds familiar, he produced a series of short pieces with Travis Collier that were pretty memorable. Mike’s brother Sam also had a rad photo in Chase from the old Winfield park, which (legend has it) the two designed to look like a something that would either shock or amuse incoming air traffic. Check some of Mike’s work out here.

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