Author: Aaron Gates

02 Oct Interview: Mike McKinlay


Photo: Judah Oakes

Growing up, I knew Mike McKinlay as the skater that all of my friends looked up to. Mike and his brother Sam ran a local skate shop and had sections in videos next to Ryan Smith. Outside of the things we knew him for, Mike also had a passion for nature and documentary filmmaking which eventually became his chosen occupation.

Travis Collier has long been one of Canada’s most respected flatlanders. Before the recent wave of flatland and street intermingling, Travis was, for a long tome, one of the few world class flatlanders riding a normal looking bike and mixing the two. He has a unique and fluid style, and is well rounded within and outside of bmx.

Mike and Travis collaborated on a three part series of short films a couple of years ago that was both thoughtful and visually impressive. It was a unique circumstance where Mike had just enough distance from bmx to bring a fresh perspective, but enough exposure and appreciation to engage the subject and do it justice. Travis was able to tell a relatable story with subtlety and insight, and his riding is always a treat to watch.

SPOTS, the second film in the series, has been chosen to air on the Knowledge Network as part of a series called Take Me Home. The series that touches on what “home” means to different musicians, artists, and other celebrities that live in BC and will air regularly in prime time.


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01 Oct Actnow Travel Edit (2010)

Richard Gregory put this edit together a few years ago. 8mm footage from around the world is a great travel souvenir; it’s been one of my favorite edits ever since and I was reminded of it today.

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30 Aug Embassy Oregon Part II: iPhoneography with Caleb Ruecker


Caleb Ruecker is a Northwest legend and all around awesome guy. He was a fresh face on this year’s trip, and kept everyone laughing and smiling along the way. Caleb also had the “magic instagram” over that particular long weekend. Every time something cool would happen, Caleb would end up getting the perfect shot from his phone. For more of Caleb’s photos from the trip, check out the #kingoftheroadtour hashtag. Below are some of his favorites.

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20 Aug Embassy Oregon Part I: Jason Vawter’s Photos


In July, 15 of us packed a bunch of cars up and took a trip deep into Oregon. We take a trip like this every year and make a point to go somewhere new each time. The trip featured veterans like Alaskan wildman David Clay and newcomers like Dave Butler and Caleb Ruecker (along with many names that you’ll recognize from this site over the years). We bombed hills, roasted magnesium in the campfire, hung out on the dunes, waited on the side of the highway with a broken down minivan and rode some of the weirdest and wildest skateparks the Northwest has to offer.

We’ve got a good amount of content coming from this trip, and up first is a gallery shot by Jason Vawter. Jason shot so many great photos that we’ve left them in a gallery on Flickr for easy viewing. Check the gallery out HERE.

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19 Jul Little Devil Vancouver Vacation

This section was originally buried in the Little Devil Collectors Edition DVD. I’d never seen it before today, and it’s awesome. A little piece of history, and a great summary of popular spots around Vancouver ten years ago.

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11 Jul Embassy Oregon

As part of a summer tradition, a large number of us are heading out on a roadtrip tonight. Last year, we went East to Montana and this year we’ll be exploring the oddities that are the skateparks of the Oregon Coast. To make it a bit more interesting, we’ve split into two teams for the BMX Gallery Ride to Glory Contest.

Keep an eye on the Embassy Facebook page for a few updates along the way and watch for some content on the site later this summer. For now, check out the video from last year’s Montana trip, posted above.

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23 Jun The Sandlot


Many years ago, when asked about his crew of Kelowna locals, Mat Ridgeway described his scene and the website that documented it (BK!) as “our Sandlot”. An apt description, as they’ve been a group of guys who really encompass the spirit in that movie. To kick off the summer, we filled this past weekend with both BMX and baseball. Check out a few photos after the jump.

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