Author: Aaron Gates

28 Apr Street Dome – Haderslev, Denmark

streetdome 2

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Through the years, I’ve seen a lot of wild skatepark designs. This one might be the most intersting. The Street Dome in Haderslev, Denmark is a massive indoor/outdoor project headed up by the design firm of legendary Danish vert skater Rune Glifberg and built by Seattle concrete masters, Grindline.

The defining feature of the park, the dome, is built to house a bunch of bowls. It’s also incorporated into the design of the outdoor section, with giant banks and quarterpipes running up the side. Usually, I’m interested in skatepark design for cool new shapes – clam shells, cradle variations, etc. This is different. Although there is nothing new about the transitions in this park, the dome is both aesthetically and functionally awesome. It keeps some of the park out of the rain, and allows for some cool features up the outside of it.

With a budget of 3.6 million Euros ($5.5 million CAD), it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see a project like this on our side of the Atlantic, but it sure is fun to look at.

Check out more at the following links:

Official Site
Skate and Annoy

street dome 3

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19 Mar Burlington Bike Park Jam/Updates

Video by Tony Archibeque Jr., lifted from Ride BMX

Burlington Bike Park has been open for a few months now and they’ve started to develop some regular events and jams. The park is super fun (see above) and they are constantly tweaking the existing jumps and building new lines.

The first Marysville Bike Shop Jam will take place this Friday night (5-10 pm). The shop is a big supporter of the BMX scene in Northern Washington and they have rounded up some product from S&M and Shadow to give away at what should be a relatively informal jam night. They plan to hold jams like this fairly regularly (we will try to keep up on these types of things, but follow the park on facebook if you want all of the details).

The bike park has also started holding a BMX night on Wednesday nights. The park is open until 10:00 p.m. and is offering a reduced price of $12 for the evening for anyone on a 20″.

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15 Feb The Hinterland: BMX and Winter in the Far North

The Hinterland from Least Most on Vimeo.

It’s February, and most of us have been buried by snow or have battled grey skies and rain for months. At this point, with spring just around the corner, I wanted to share this video that a few friends and I made years ago in Alaska.

In Alaska, snow hits in late September and melts in April leaving only a short period for riding and other summer activities. In a way, the winter defines the entire year. I’ve never seen a group of people live life as aggressively as Alaskans do in June and July. Walking around a neighborhood at 10 pm is different there. There is often a surprising number of kids out playing, there might be people out doing yardwork and if you want to, you can ride all night in semi-daylight.

I hope that some of you will watch this and be able to relate to it. Alaska is an extreme example, but there are lots of places in Canada with the same long winters and the same necessity to get out there and make things happen in the summer.

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02 Feb Chris Cayford – 10 Years Later


Ten years ago today, the Okanagan scene lost one of its prominent figures. Chris Cayford was the BMX guy at the local bike shop and was well known for putting on the Winfield bowl jams. He rode everything, including flatland, and brought the Whitehorse tradition of shoveling skateparks in the winter time with him to Kelowna.

For years, the BK crew (Mat Ridgeway, Matt Desson etc.) continued putting on the Winfield bowl jams in Chris’ memory. The jam was always held in March and was usually the first jam of the year in BC. The jams had some memorable moments, including Brett Craig (RIP) driving from Saskatchewan to ride the jam only to have to turn around right afterwards and drive 20+ hours home, and Dom Mach doing this crazy over double peg out of the bowl. The jam hasn’t happened for a few years, but there are talks of a ten year jam happening this year.

For all of us who knew Chris, he’s remembered fondly.

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30 Dec Joe Prisel and Burlington Bike Park

Hip Table

Joe Prisel – hip table

With the demise of the Igloo and the closing of Skatebarn in Washington, the Northwest has been left with a shortage of indoor parks for more than a year. Rainy street sessions and, maybe more commonly, snowboarding have been the norm. This situation is about to change. Over the past few months, Joe Prisel has been building a masterpiece in a highway-side warehouse in Northern Washington.

The older crowd may know Joe as an original Chenga local who rode in the BS contests around the turn of the century. Joe had a long riding career in both BMX and mountain bikes, but perhaps more impressive is his career as a park builder. Joe is the man behind the Lumberyard in Portland, the Flow Skatepark in Columbus, and many of the features at Ray’s Mountain Bike Park in Cleveland and Milwaukee.

Burlington Bike Park follows in the footsteps of Joe’s past work, but this version has an excellent twist. It’s an indoor dirt park, and it’s one of the first in the world. The park itself is what you would expect from an experienced builder with the resources to build whatever he wants. Although the park accommodates all skill levels, the main section of the park features landings stacked eight feet tall and seemingly endless transfer lines.

If all goes according to plan, the park will become a cornerstone of the Northwest scene. The Northwest has long been a region where riders have much in common, but are fragmented by borders and distance. With the quality of the current build, the project’s potential for growth and its central location (about 20 minutes South of Bellingham), the park has the potential to bring riders from across the region together for epic sessions for years to come.


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04 Nov Tabletops with James Van de Kamp

james 3

Invert in Idaho
All photos by Tony Archibeque Jr.

There is one trick in BMX that will gain anyone instant respect. The tabletop. James Van de Kamp can snap them with the best. On his recent trip to Texas Toast with Tony Archibeque Jr., I tasked him with shooting the greatest tabletop of all time. Hyperbole aside, they came back with a bunch of great shots.
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30 Oct Embassy Oregon Part IV: Airspeed Skateparks

Reedsport w Ridgeway

Mat Ridgeway – powerslide in the funnel

Airspeed Skateparks was one of the companies that helped bring us into the modern era of skatepark design. While Grindline and Dreamland were carefully constructing some of the most well known advances in this area, Airspeed was building obscure and outlandish parks in rural Oregon. Although the other two builders were doing exciting things and building parks that flowed well and worked for the majority of skateboarders, Airspeed focused on building obstacles that nobody had ever seen before, often on their own dime and sometimes without the city planners’ knowledge.

Although most of the guys on the trip didn’t know it, this trip through Oregon was mostly designed as a pilgrimmage to Geth Noble and Stephanie Mohler‘s three biggest masterpieces.

Airspeed was birthed out of the Golden TriangleMedford, Ashland, and Talent, which represented a giant leap for Oregon skateparks. Oregon’s now established skatepark builders were once just a bunch of skaters with a passion for building parks, many volunteering to gain experience.

Airspeed’s parks have been both lauded and criticized, and both sides of the coin have merit. They built things that nobody had ever seen or imagined, but the parks were often centered around those features with less thought and effort spent on other areas. The “street” obstacles at most of these parks are pretty laughable, and the transitions outside of the main bowl at Reedsport are very strange. Faults aside, Airspeed makes my favorite parks.
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